Two years ago, I had a baby. Yesterday we took him out for ice cream and chicken nuggets.


Ran out of “Happy Birthday!” wrapping paper. So I got some brown mailing paper and did a freehand Spongebob!

Yesterday was my son’s second birthday. He woke up super early, and opened his presents after breakfast. And yes, he was a little smart-butt.

“You can open presents after breakfast.” – And so he promptly throws all of his cereal onto the floor.


Now he’ll leave mine alone!

The night before my mom went and bought him a bunch of last minute presents, of which he’s got a few favorites already. A new giant Spongebob Squarepants plush. A light up and sound making duck that actually goes into the water of his bath (though I’m hesitant to let it go in the water because it’ll get gross and icky). And a little Leap Frog toy computer. The duck, the toy computer, and the Spongebob have been played with practically non-stop.

He had some quiet time in his crib for a bit, because of all the new toys he got over stimulated. After that, we went out for dinner at McDonald’s. He had himself a happy meal with apple juice, chicken nuggets, fries, and apple slices (he LOVES the apple slices!). After that, we all had ice cream! He had his first ice cream cone ever, and it took him a while to figure it out, but once he did he went to town on that cone!

We rounded out the evening with a wee bit of grocery shopping and by the time we got home the little guy was ready for bed. Passed out about 15 minutes after we put him in his footie pjs.


You can get it at Walmart.

In all the other stuff he got, he also got a mess of new clothes (he’s growing again, and most of his 2T sized stuff doesn’t fit anymore!), some new shoes (one for play, one for looking nice for special stuff) a toddler basketball goal and basketball, one of those sound wheel things that I can’t really describe so I’ll just put a picture in this paragraph. And new crayons. And a new Chuggington DVD that came with a special edition train!

All in all, yesterday was a really great day, and he had a really fun time. Even though he’s still a bit too little to get up into the playground equipment, he still ran around the area and had a lot of fun playing tag with his dad.

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