Old Files, Old Ideas, New Inspiration

WIN_20160225_22_59_57_ProSo I came across a CD spindle last night. I hadn’t thought much of it at first, then I took a gander at the first disk in the stack. It just said “WEBSITES 2/2009”. Now, this disk is filled with a bunch of stuff, not just website and web design files. It’s got, well, not very well written fanfics as well. Rather embarassed by them, actually as I thought all traces of their existence had been eaten by the internet and completely obliterated. Unfortunately. when I google a few key terms that thankfully most others don’t know, I find a chapter here or there of one of my worst written works, but never the complete one. So that’s a plus.

That said, I’ve got those files as well.

UntitledAnyway, there’s approximately 4-5 disks total that have so much fanfic, original novel ideas, and a lot of actually good stuff on them. Interspersed with really, truly horrific grammar and quite frankly frighteningly grotesque (both in the subject matter of them and the poor writing style). That said, I’ve decided to go through them and recycle some of the ideas, and redevelop them into a new project. Because much of it was this grand, long epic of a story, but it’s got so many great ideas that could work alone as short stories, or as entirely different projects altogether. Much of what I have saved to disk are written works that I can’t bear to part with, due partially to sentimentality, but also due to the fact that some of them have sections of “automatic writing”, wherein my guides had named and identified themselves to me. So I’m always hesitant to delete or throw away things that contain those random piece of information. While the disks themselves show a creation date of around Dec 2008 to Feb 2009, a lot of the files themselves date back as early as 2000 and 2001. (Especially the fanfiction stuff.) There’s a lot of good base ideas mixed in, that I can easily recycle.

UntitledSuch as this colorful cast of characters. They were created for a role playing game I used to run on AOL in chat rooms. These were both my characters and some NPCs. And the main setting of the story. The “Rumour” page was where the latest developments in the story would be written up for anyone new or anyone who’d missed a bit so people could catch up. I used to do a lot of these little game pages for the stories I ran, and hosted them on my own domain for quite a long time. Well, until I ran out of money and couldn’t afford my Yahoo! hosting account and domain anymore. I used to love doing page designs though. I’d do custom coding or if I found a template I liked (like in the pic there showing the cute Damian Lewis avatar for my NPC character) I’d tailor it to suit my needs. It was always a lot of fun. I’d do custom jobs for people’s AOL profiles as well, before they changed everything around to the Lifestream profiles, and before that the Bebo profiles. Basically, back when AOL had their own member profiles thing, and it was just that limited box with the limited stuff. I used to be able to do wonders with that space, and actually have it turned into it’s own little website inside that square box. Ah, those were the days.

Anyway, yeah. So I’m going to be sorting through all of these files to see what I want to recycle. I might post some old work from them for laughs and giggles.


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