The New WordPress.Com Windows App

So for months I’d been wanting a app for (not to be confused with the one that already existed for the .org users). Looks like WordPress has finally gotten around to making one!

UntitledI have Windows 10 (before that, Windows 8. Screw yo
u, 8 was awesome before the 8.1 upgrade that started making it super glitchy!) on my laptop. I don’t always want to be in my browser when I’m working on my projects, because then I get distracted by other tabs I have open, as
well as completely forgetting that I’ve decided to make a blog post even when it’s the only tab I have open. So this app is rather helpful for me (especially lately as I’ve been working on a few side projects.)

Untitled2The only downside for me, personally, is that the WP Admin link opens up my browser and loads there rather than in the WP App itself. The app is very new, so they may change this. If not, it’s just a minor inconvenience for me that I can certainly deal with. I’m mostly just happy to have a distraction-free blogging app to be completely honest.

Untitled3I do the same with Facebook, as I do much prefer the Windows app to the browser version. This is for 2 reasons – 1, I don’t have people haranguing me online, even when I have the chat function turned off (as you can see by the grayed-out section in the right of the screencap) and I’m “invisible”.  2 – simpler mostly ad-free interface. Literally the ONLY ads that I see are in my newsfeed, and that’s ONLY from pages that I follow or things that are of similar interest. I don’t have the constant ads on the side for products and groups that I’m not interested in.

Anyway, back to the WP app. It’s very new, and I’m giving it a try. I like what I see of it so far, and as you can tell from my first screencap above, it is identical interface wise to the browser version. Right down to my tracked tags and the recommended posts. So this is very nice indeed. I look forward to how it evolves and progresses as more people use it and chime in on what it’s like, or what they would like added to it.

I give the WP App for Windows a 4.5 out of 5; because I’d really like to open my WP Admin panel inside the app instead of it a browser. But otherwise, it meets all of my needs and works beautifully.


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