Bra Shopping

So this last weekend, my birthday as a matter of fact, I was having one of my ever rare ultra femme moments, wherein I went bra shopping. (I’ve been needing new ones for about 3 years now, but just didn’t want to pay what the store wanted for them.) And thus, I bought 3 new bras for around $5 each. It took 45 minutes to find anything in my size to begin with, and the fact they were in my price range was a big bonus.

So I bought 3, took them home, and put one on. Lo and behold…. they didn’t fit. So, I had to take them back. This was a huge disappointment mainly because for once, I found some in my size, in my price range, AND they were rather cute.

Took them back yesterday, and found ONE in my adjusted (read: larger) size, as well as my price range. It’s neon pink which I’m not a fan of. At all. But anyway, so I had to go one cup size up (I’m a C, but I had to buy a D) for the remaining 2 “replacement” bras. I was able to find a 2 pack, which made the total purchase about $2 cheaper than my original 3 bras. So in the end, I’ve got ONE perfectly fitting bra, and the other 2 are like…. Well the straps and the overall bra itself fit comfortably enough, but my boobs are dwarfed by these massive cups.

I almost bought maternity bras, but unfortunately the prices were really high, and the bras themselves don’t seem to have my specific combo of chest circumfrance and cup size at the same time.

Plus side: original purchase was $15.99 (this includes tax), and the final purchase was just past $13 (includes tax) so overall not too bad I suppose.


2 responses to “Bra Shopping

    • Don’t you know it! LOVE Walmart! But finding the sizes has always been a pain in the rear there. Worth it though for the cheapness. The one that actually fits perfect turned out to be $3 at the register instead of the $4.95 the tag said. Wonderful!

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