Software Testing.

SO! I’ve got some new software I’m testing out. I’ve tried Gimp before, and didn’t like it. I tried Serif’s Photo Plus Starter 3 and it’s got everything I need…… but not convenient. It takes a thousand clicks to do the one thing I need it to do. Gimp, still a lot of clicks, but less complicated. So I switched back to Gimp. I’m using it in conjunction with Inkscape so we’ll see how that goes.

My problem is that Corel spoiled me! I used Corel Photo Paint 8 FOR YEARS. I mean, I’m talkin more than 10 years. It was WONDERFUL. But when I got my laptop for work back in 2013, it had Windows 8 (now Windows 10) and the software I use was from back in the days of Windows 95. I mean, I’m surprised that it ran as well as it did on XP. Though, I couldn’t ever get Vista or 7 to run backwards compatibility mode for it. So, I stuck with XP for as long as I possibly could.

Unfortunately, I use my laptop most now, and my husband needed a new desktop computer with XP (because some of the software he uses needs a native XP install) so… I’ve spent over 2 years looking for good replacements with both the functionality I need but no frills and extra buttons and steps. Literally a “One or Two Clicks and You’re Done” type of software. No mucking about with layers and this bullshit. Again – I got spoiled.

Again – I’ve spent over 2 years trying to find something just as easy to use as CPP8. I don’t have the money to buy Corel’s newer Draw Suites which will be compatible with my OS. So my only option is Open Source. Which severely limits my options.

Well, I went back to Gimp. And this is what I made:


And lemme tell you, making this was a pain in the ass at 3AM with no mouse and only an oversensitive laptop trackpad and no elbow room to move my arm/wrist/hand around like I needed to. So this is ruddy amazing I even managed to get it done at all.

This was a test image I did, figuring I might as well start learning my way around Gimp again. It’s for a fanfiction project I am working on.

Also, I downloaded Scribus, and I’m going to be mucking about with it as well. I’ve been looking for a good substitute for Adobe Pagemaker for going on 14 years now, because I love it and it’s perfect for doing magazine and comic book layouts. We’ll see how Scribus compares. The interface looks pretty similar to the last version of Pagemaker that I used (Version 6), so I think I’m going to enjoy it.


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