Plugging Along.

So I got my Reader’s Code of Ethics, Client’s Rights and Responsibilities, and Legal Disclaimer done for my business site. Now I’m working on sample readings for the 3 types that I offer (General, Career, and Love/Relationships). It’s going slower than I would like, but it’s up and running and I’m plugging away at it. There’s also a blog on the site, that’s going to be devoted to the business and the topic/subject that I do. Also for making announcements on the site as to if I’m doing local stuff, or when I add a new section to the site, etc.

On other projects, I’ve got my fanfics moved to another blog, where I’m going to simply just have finished projects as PDFs. All of my Works in Progress will continue to be posted on Fanfiction.Net and Archive of Our Own. I’ve also moved a LOT of my short bits to AO3. The original blog I’d had is going to be deleted once I’ve stripped all the pics and world building info from it.

I’ve also got a Steam account now, and I dunno what to do with it yet. But it came with a “Free” game in honor of David Bowie. Unfortunately when I got it, I didn’t get it for free, I got it for $9.99 because by the time I realized it didn’t pop up to let me punch in the code to get it free, it had already started processing via Paypal. So, I’m gonna play the game, obviously, because I paid for it. But ugh, so annoyed.

And lastly, my mom called me from her job last night to tell me she’s getting hauled in for a meeting at 1pm today. And that it wasn’t a good thing. Turns out someone at her job stole a heater, and I don’t mean a little space heater for the bathroom. I mean a hulking monster of a heater. It was discovered that the heater was missing when the maintenance man went to fetch it for another of the company houses, and it was gone. So everyone who worked during the time frame it was last used are being hauled in. Seperately, third shift (the one my mom works) is being hauled in for something else as well. Specifically my mom and one other co-worker. People are pointing fingers at my mom for the heater, and the other co-worker as an accomplice. Thing is, nobody’s looking at the nurses that work that shift as well. Anyway, they’re all pointing their fingers at my mother because we’ve had to recently shell out a LOT of cash for car repairs (over $600 in a single month). So her co-workers who are doing the finger pointing, knowing she’s had a LOT of expensive car work done recently, are trying to point at her because “she was desperate and needed the cash. How could she have paid all that money if she didn’t have it?” And they’re pointing at the one guy on third shift because when our car was broken down and getting fixed, he offered to give her rides to and from work, and he drives a pick-up truck. Something that is obviously big enough to take the heater. All of this is compounded by the fact that they don’t think it would be something that could have been done in broad daylight, hence why third shift, the only shift that works in total night, is getting the short end of the shit stick here.

Sadly, my mom keeps clinging to this job because, in her mind, we’d end up on the street if she ever lost it. As well as the fact it’s literally the only way, due to her health, that we can afford to get life insurance for her. She’s trying to work this job until she dies, so that we’d have the money to see to her remains properly. That’s fucking ridiculous that she’s made to feel this way. But it’s true. A great deal of it is the fact that healthcare in our country sucks, and was actually made WORSE by the Affordable Healthcare Act, making it impossible for many citizens to even get health insurance through the marketplace, let alone maintain it. But that’s another post for another day… Regardless, her health is horrible, and she’s got no way to pay for it, and even working cannot afford to pay for health insurance. So she goes without. Which in turn causes her health to deteriorate faster. Which in turn makes getting life insurance of any kind (even just enough to pay for a cheap cremation with no perks such as an obituary or a service or anything) is absolute hell, and far too expensive to maintain payments on. And she can’t retire yet because she’d only be making about $300 a month from social security, and if she tried for disability, well that’s a wait for a verdict she might not actually survive, and a potential fight/appeal she would have to spend extra time and effort on. Which she can’t afford to do because she can’t afford, so she believes, to be without an income.

Meanwhile, I’m not stressing too badly about if she loses her job simply because I’ve had backup plans B and C worked out for over a year. With my oldest sister now gone, it’s much more feasible to keep things going as we are here, especially since our bills have been reduced once again by the last payment on our fridge being made. That frees up $105 every month! So, plan B is that we stay here, where the rent is cheaper than most places we can find, and we have guaranteed heat (natural gas), a fridge, and such. The only hard part will come when car insurance time and tag renewal rolls around. One of those can be done four times a year, making payments cheaper, and the other is only once, which gives me time to scare up the funds for it in other ways (such as doing readings locally and online; doing the e-bay thing, etc). SO – that leaves us with the solid X amount for rent every month, with fluctuating utility bills. Internet can be cut off, no problem. It would be a bit hard for me, since I run my business online. But not entirely impossible because we live so close to the library. They don’t turn their wifi off on the days they are closed, so I can literally sit outside the front door and pick up the signal to do what I need to do. No problem there. I’ve got a lifeline phone, so we will always have phone service. The only other “extra” bill we’ve got is my husband’s phone, which is $40 a month. We also receive WiC and foodstamps for our son, so food is definitely covered every month no problem. Literally the only thing’s we’d need to do is keep the utility bill down, which will only be a problem in the summer due to the heat. Which, if I start saving now, will not be that bad because I’ll have the extra cushion. Under Plan B, we will literally be scraping pennies and living check to check until I can sort it all out, and if the car breaks down again we wouldn’t have the funds to fix it. But we would be safe with a roof over our heads and living downtown close to everything we need, all of which is within walking distance for me and my husband.

Plan C is a one room place at a local extended stay motel. For 3 adults and 1 toddler. There’s 1 other in town that is cheaper, however if we were to move there we would have DEFACS on our doorstep frequently and risk having our kid taken simply because of the environment we’d be in. SO – that cheaper one is out. Leaving the one I used to live in with my mom before I met my husband. It’s decent, reasonably clean, but far too small and doesn’t always have a room open to move in to. Also, there’s no guarantee that we could get one on the ground floor (which both me and my mother need) and there’s no elevators. Plus side, it’s a single bill every month or week (rent) and the rest would have to be spent on a small storage unit locally (for the bare necessities of stuff we can’t move in, but need to keep) and my husband’s phone. That would leave us with MAYBE $50 extra every month. Maybe. Again, we’d have foodstamps and WiC for our son, so food is completely covered. Bonus – most extended stay places in town have free wifi, so I could continue to run my online business and maintain my blogs and hobbies.

Both situations are NOT ideal, but they are solutions. They are manageable, if it comes to that, and will hold us over long enough for a more permanent or stable solution, such as mom getting another job, or me getting a job, etc. So I’m not freaking out about OMG WHERE WILL WE LIVE HOW WILL WE EAT?!

I’m more concerned with my mom’s mental state depending on how the meeting goes and if she comes back from it with or without a job. THAT is what I have to be prepared for. Because I’ve already got the rest figured out.

So, I’ll be posting an update to mom’s work situation when she gets back later today. Either way, I’ll keep plugging along. Getting what I can done when I can, and sorting what needs sorting.


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    • I sincerely hope so, too. Thanks very much for the well wishes! I know there’s a demand in my town, and after scoping out the people advertising in my area, I think my prices are pretty reasonable. Now if only Paypal would just send me my card reader, I’d be all set to start throwing flyers up all around town! As it is right now, I’ve got business cards that everywhere I go, I “accidentally” leave some behind. Once I’ve got the page done polishing beyond base functionality, I’ll be starting up social media accounts (twitter, FB, and Google+ respectively) for the business to link back to. And hope to have a monthly blog feature about what I do, or just general questions about stuff.


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