Plugging Along: Update

So I posted earlier in a post about life and stuff that my mom’s going to a work meeting. Well, I just got off the phone with her. Right now, she’s still got her job. So yay on that! Now suspicion for the stolen heater has expanded to include my mother’s boss as well as this other girl from first shift (I think it was first shift) who has been vocal at the job about having heating issues at her house. She has since stopped complaining, the time frame she stopped fitting in around the time the heater was stolen. They can’t prove it right now, of course, but they are having the maintenance man (who is an ex-cop) do some scare tactics.

Mom basically was like “I don’t know anything about this damn mess. I was off for 4 days and didn’t know it was missing until last night when I got the note to come to this damn meeting.” When the guy pressured her about the 5 days she worked preceding her time off, she told him up front that she doesn’t even know which key goes to the shed, let alone what locks it goes in, and how the hell would she have got it off the property when she can hardly breathe after lifting one of the residents (asthma). Quite frankly, she told him that 3 of the 5 days she worked, she just wanted to work and get out of there because it was the 2 year anniversary of her son’s sudden and violent death in a hit and run, and she didn’t know how she was going to be spending that day and night of the anniversary. The missing heater wasn’t even in her mind at the time. Guy was like “That’s your story? You’re sticking to it?” and she was like “Yes. I don’t know a damn thing about the heater. And if you show up at my house, you’d best have a warrant. I know my rights, sonny boy.” (He had threatened everyone with the “I know who did it, and I’ll come to your house and get it” bullshit, even though they all knew that he didn’t have a clue who did it.)


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  1. It takes a lot of chutzpah to steal office property of that size. They should have video cameras at the doors to monitor building access.

    My gut tells me a guy must be involved rather than women because of the size/weight of the unit.

    And the employer should not be harassing folks about it as that could invite a lawsuit – they should just report the incident to the police and let them handle it….and invest in security cameras going forward.

    By the way, for the game you paid for that was offered free- I’d email/call Steam and request a an account credit for that amount for a future game purchase. If they are customer friendly, that should be easy for them to do.

    Hope you’re not in the path of the Jonas blizzard!

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    • We slipped through one of the cracks. Georgia didn’t get much in the way of it sadly.
      There’s only one guy currently working there regular hours, and he worked the same shifts and had the same days off as my mom. The only other guy is the maintenence guy. He and one of the First shift crew discovered it was missing. with the type of place it is, it wouldn’t be hard for a woman to have done it though. and they won’t install security cameras due to Hippa related stuff. my mom ended up going back into work and made it known that if the guy showed up at our house, he’d best have a warrant and police because she knew her rights. so far no one else has been hauled in or spoken to, and the heater still hasn’t turned up. they never take anything to the police like they need to do, which is sketchy as hell when stuff happens like this. mom mostly stays in the job because of the residents she takes care of there. most, but not all, of her coworkers treat them like crap. so she sticks around to make sure at least someone in the place actually cares for the people.
      I would contact Steam, but i’m really not too miffed about it enough to go to all the trouble. let my husband have the game, and he’s quite pleased with it thus far. gets me out of having to get him a valentine’s gift lol!


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