Busy Little Bee (and my husband is an idiot sometimes)

Well, firstly, I have some great news!!!!

I’ve got my business site up! It still needs a few tweeks, but it’s up and live!

I went with Wix over WordPress because the free version of Wix provides so many tools that I’m going to need to implement later down the line. Right now I’m doing readings by e-mail, and locally (cash, check, or money order at the moment until I finally get approval for the Paypal reader). But I hope to expand by the end of the year into doing them via Skype as well. I do plan to pay for a premium account down the line, but for now the free one has everything that I need or could possibly need. Upgrading to a Business Paypal was also a big help, since fees now come out of each transaction rather than in one bulk every month (that’s how they USED to do it). This is so helpful for starting out!

Some of my old co-workers are giving me tips and stuff all the time on Facebook as well, so it’s been a very nice experience all around thus far. The site even has a blog, which I plan to use for announcements and educational articles for both readers and potential clients. I want to make the site an interactive experience.

Anyway, I was able to get that up this week, as well as print out some business cards to get me started! I’m so excited but also nervous at the same time!

So, that’s the good stuff…. Now for my husband.

Oh my dear, sweet, loving, intelligent husband…. Is an idiot. Sometimes.

Last night, we spent about 4 hours or so in the ER because he wasn’t careful.

He was trying to strip the copper out of an old vacuum cleaner motor and the blade he was using slipped. Wrong move – He wasn’t working on the desk, he was doing this in his lap. With a box cutter. I took one look at it when he asked for the first aid tape and was like “Lol NOPE! We’re going to the hospital!” So I get my mom to watch the kid as I’m getting dressed, and we take off. That’s at 6PM. I can get him there faster than it would take for an ambulance to get to our house. Just sayin. So we get to the ER. Signed in. And we wait for AN HOUR. Mind you, husband had sliced open his leg, so I’m sittin there like “jfc I’m gonna end up a widow before the night’s up!”

Well, mom calls me. She can’t handle my son after all, so I have to leave husband at the hospital, drive back across town, re-install the car seat (we’d had to take it out during the last car broke down fiasco, and I hadn’t gotten around to putting it back in yet), pack a diaper bag, change his diaper and clothes (a footie pajama, because I was NOT about to hunt down and deal with his socks and shoes), toss in the stroller and off I went. That’s about 10 minutes. Because all of this had started right when I’d gone in the kitchen to make my son’s dinner, he’s super hungry. We swing by Burger King (because there was no line in the drive thru) and get him some dinner and off we go. I get BACK to the hospital ER waiting room – husband is STILL WAITING. But thankfully alive. We are now at the 1.5 hour mark. Ten minutes in the waiting room still, and we get called back. Triage, vitals, all that stuff. Then off to a room – or so we thought. Turns out the room already has someone in it, and there’s no other rooms. So, we get shoved into a side room to wait for one. We’re there another 10 minutes, and then we get a room.

Doctor comes in at the 2 hour mark. Says he’s getting a tetanus shot and then they’ll sew him up. Doctor doesn’t even bother to look at the wound. NOBODY HAS SEEN THE WOUND YET THIS ENTIRE TIME. An hour later, nurse comes in with the shot. Doctor is still nowhere in sight. Nurse comes by at the 3.5 hour mark with discharge papers and prescription. Husband STILL NOT SEWN UP. STILL NO ONE HAS LOOKED AT HIS LEG.

Son’s getting super fussy. He’s well past his bed time by now. Mom’s gotta leave for work in an hour. I’m already getting the “omg” texts and calls from her, getting nervous about not having the car back yet ON TOP OF WORRIED ABOUT MY HUSBAND.

Nurse is PISSED on our behalf. She was told that my husband was ready to do BY THE DOCTOR HIMSELF. So she tracks down the doctor, who’s about to leave. She reams him. Especially when we told her the doctor didn’t even bother to look at my husband, let alone his leg. So she finds out from the doctor “I’ve been too busy to get the nurse practitioners.” So the nurse went on a mission to round up some troops. I can hear her in our room, she’s livid. Screaming at people that if they didn’t care about the patient, care about the fact that if he’d bled out I’d get them all fired. I mean, she’s pulling out all the stops to get someone in there to deal with my husband’s leg.

At the 3 hour 45min mark, the nurse comes back and she’s got the BEST nurse practitioner on the shift (i’ve dealt with her personally many times. She’s FANTASTIC!) Turns out SHE was off the clock on break, but when she found out what had happened she CLOCKED BACK IN and came right to us. Husband’s leg was cleaned, sewn up, and properly dealt with. Afterwards both she and the nurse, Marta, went and reamed the ENTIRE DEPARTMENT.

Turns out we were put in an area where they shove patients and routinely forget about them. The rooms right between “gotta deal with these fast” and “these came in by ambulance”. We were in that section – the “they need to be dealt with but eh, whatever” section.

At the 4 hour mark we were walking out of the hospital. People were giving us dirty looks all through the ER department. I finally got pissed and snapped at one guy “If you assholes had bothered to just look at the damn leg, ya’ll wouldn’t have got screamed at!”

We got home in time for mom to go to work. Son went right to sleep when he was put in bed. And husband is alive and well. Not going to play with sharp objects for a bit and he can’t do heavy lifting or risk popping his stitches. The stitches themselves are the kind that have to be removed in 5-7 days. It was a pretty deep gash. Thankfully, no vital blood vessels were hit. No artery nicked, nor a vein. We truly dodged a bullet this time. And now husband knows TO USE THE GODDAMNED DESK NEXT TIME.


2 responses to “Busy Little Bee (and my husband is an idiot sometimes)

  1. Geez, what a horrible experience! I’m sorry for you and your husband. What a nightmare. To a much lesser degree, much lesser, I can relate. I had a minor surgery last week and when it came time for me to be discharged, no one came to get me, even though my wife had left work to come get me. We waited and waited and finally my wife went to the nurse’s station and was told the nurses were busy and someone would get to me. We waited some more and she went down there again. I told her to tell them that if someone didn’t come, I’d walk out of there without being discharged. She was told someone would come. No one did. Finally, later, I walked down to the nurse’s station — where I stood waiting to talk to one of the six people there, hanging out doing God knows what, all ignoring me for 10 minutes while I just stood there. Finally I saw my wife in the hallway motioning for me to come back to my room. Another nurse had finally, finally shown up and was ready to discharge me, a process which took about three minutes. It was shocking to me that no one could have taken three minutes out of their day to come do that in the hour plus I waited there while my wife had to get back to work. Again, not nearly as bad as your situation, obviously, but in my own small way, I can relate to your hospital situation. I hope your husband is doing better. Cheers!


    • Well the wound’s looking a bit better (according to husband though. I can’t look at it without getting a wee bit nauseus.) We’ll be going to the ER tomorrow to have it removed. His doctor won’t see him “because I didn’t do it” (meaning he wasn’t the one who put the stitches in, so he won’t remove them). We’ll be getting him into my doctor after that point because I’m sick to death of his doctor and the bullshit.
      I hate the fact that stories like mine, and like yours, are so common these days. I mean, do they think the patients are there because they have nothing better to do? Do they think that the patients want to be there?
      Once, oh, maybe about 10 years back or so, my mom was in the ER at Fish Memorial Hospital in Orange City, FL. She’d had a stroke, which had triggered a whole mess of other stuff, on top of an asthema attack. We get to the ER, because it’s the middle of the night, and they take her right back to a room no problem. Where we sat for eight hours. Turns out they’d emptied the wing of the ER we were in, and forgot about her. The only reason they remembered was because the cleaning staff found us. I’d been trying to get someone, anyone, to come look at my mom for hours. I was furious. Ended up threatening to have the jobs of everyone during the shift we came in and the shift that was in when they found us. They didn’t even know she was back there because nobody had bothered to put her name in the computer, opting instead to take their break right before their shift was done. In the end, they sent legal after me, wherein I not-so-politely informed them that this was the second time the hospital staff had endangered the life of one of my family members in less than 2 years (the first one was myself) and that they’d be hearing from my lawyer. Starting with patient neglect and, if my mother died, wrongful death.
      After that, they were more than happy to look at her and accommodate anything she needed. After this experience, when time would allow, we drove the hour and a half to another hospital because frankly, Fish Memorial will either let you die in the waiting room, or kill you via neglect.
      And the ABSOLUTE WORST PART is that THIS BEHAVIOR is so common that it’s expected by patients in need who walk in the door, and is one reason why people avoid the hospital and er when they truly do need it.


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