A New Years Eve MIRACLE!

So my most recent posts have been about a major problem in my life right now….

Our car. Which ever y time we turn around needs more work done.

Well, my last post on the subject was rather grim. At the time, even our mechanic was like “This make and model, this type of engine… for what it’ll take to fix ‘er up you’re better off spendin it on a new car.”

Well…. I don’t know how or why or what’s going on, and neither does my mechanic, but the literal fraction within a fraction of a fraction of probability that my car wasn’t damaged is…. well, it’s such a small chance that honestly I’d have a higher chance of winning the lottery and then being made president of the world.

But my car is fixed and hasn’t been driving this smooth since 2006. I swear to every god in existence that this is literally such an astronomical percentage of probability that it’s more of an infinite improbability. And that, my friends, is what happened today.

My mechanic finished fixing the car this morning and called me up. And I burst into tears because even he was perplexed as to how the timing of when the pistons and valves stopped moving could have been so perfect and in line with one another that literally the ONLY damage to my car was the timing belt itself. Not even a pulley out of place. Like fucking seriously. HOW DOES THIS SHIT EVEN KEEP HAPPENING TO MY CAR?!

Now if we can only afford to get that one broken out window replaced… but that’s another tale for another day.

I hope everyone’s evenings and nights are filled with joy and laughter as you bring in the new year. Me, I’m going to get the first good night’s sleep I’ve had for the last 3 weeks. I might wake up long enough to sip some sparkling juice before rolling back over to sleep.


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