Little Life Achievements (and some other random stuff)

Today has been a productive day. My son had his first coloring on the walls moment today. Of course, our walls are white so he felt a heavy handed black crayon would be the perfect contrast for decoration behind our TV…

Speaking of the TV, also learned today that baby wipes will easily get crayon off of the screen part of a flatscreen. The wall… not so much.

I also managed to finish off 2 tins of cookies, making room for more cookie baking tomorrow. I didn’t have to go anywhere today so I was able to get some website work done. More on that in a little bit.

I upgraded my paypal from personal to business and am getting things ready for January. I designed the perfect business card for myself, and I can save a bit of money by printing it out myself to start with.

Wrapped some more Christmas presents. And we got a new heater!

Now, some of you may remember when I complained about my old heater doing ridiculous things like shooting flames out, or not lighting no matter what we did, and other such nonsense. Well, it’s all over now! We’ve got a new one! My landlord actually replaced it!



I think I’m more happy about the fact we’ve got a gas heater with a working starter switch than the fact we have a heater at all. I mean, we were having to use goddamned linguini to light our heater because the bbq lighters just aren’t long enough to reach the little spot where the gas came out on the old one, and matches wouldn’t stay lit long enough.



So, we’ve got a new heater and I bloody love it! Just in time, too, as next week is going to get blistering cold during the nights, with what looks like a low on the 19th of 23F degrees!

In other news, that website thing I’m working on… it has to do with my paypal going from personal to business. See, I’m gonna do it. I’ve finally decided to become a professional reader! So I’ve been working on customizing a template on Wix for a website. I chose Wix because of some freebie features it has that nowhere else has for free. Such as a built-in scheduler should I later decide to start doing Skype readings. And a built-in newsletter mailing list that will allow me to send newsletters to up to 5000 email addresses. One newsletter a month, should I choose to go that route, and for free. It has a LOT of handy business related apps I can utilize, like a built-in paypal app to make buttons on the fly if I don’t have time to log into paypal and go through the custom button creation…


Site Preview. Site goes live in January.

I’ve also been working through Tumblr to scrape the rust off my intuitive reading skills. And I’ve yet to have someone come back with a bad review. I’ve got a system worked out here at home that will enable me to do this around taking care of my child, and my regular daily life. PLUS paypal has a free card reader I can use with my husband’s phone, for when I decide to branch out and do readings in my local community at events or fairs and stuff. I’m also, at the start of the year, going to put in for ordain-ship through the Universal Life Church Monastery, as it’s legal for ULC ordained ministers to marry people in GA. (I’ve been reading up on GA marriage law in regards to the ULC and I’ve been getting info from my local Probate and Magistrate courts, as both of those handle marriages in my county.)

And now, other random stuff! So I made coffee spice drops! Got some gifts early from my mum, and generally just have been having a good time.


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