Holiday Decorating Part 3 (or, man I really gotta clean this stuff up!)

So, my previous posts have been about dealing with my living room and decorating it and whatnot. Well now, let’s move into the bedroom. Unfortunately, the layout of my house is a bit…. screwy. Here’s a badly done diagram:


So in order to get into the rest of my house from the living room, you must first cut through my bedroom. Inconvenient, but eh, I’ve had worse. The house was listed as a 2 bedroom, and it is. And it’s what we needed. Unfortunately at the last minute my mom decided “NOPE! I WANT THE ONLY ACTUAL BEDROOM IN THE HOUSE!”. Originally we were going to take, for the purposes of this post, the Purple Room, and she the Green. The reasoning being that we had 3 people, and she was just the 1. It would also put her closest to the bathroom, which she needs, and next to the kitchen, and also her own private access in and out of the house because she works the overnight shift. No such luck, as she decided, again, at the very last minute the day before we moved in that NOPE! She wanted the bigger room. In order to accommodate the 3 of us (me, husband, and son) we ended up turning the living-room/dining room into our bedroom.

It worked out well in the end though, because we have full run of the rest of the house while she sleeps, and have the better heater, and again, full access to the rest of the house without worrying about waking her (at least, not often anyway). And she has plenty of room to just putter around and do stuff on her nights off so she doesn’t feel so confined and closed in.

Anyway, back on topic after that little tangent…

HOLIDAY DECORATING! Now, we don’t have much in the way of decorations, and most of them are concentrated in the living room. But a little touch of Christmas is being brought into my bedroom, too. Since, y’know, everyone who even needs to go pee has to come through here.

And, because my house is still in recovery mode from both my sister (we never did get it fully cleaned up and cleared out) as well as from lack of care during my 6 month long pain/knee battle, this involves some heavy duty cleaning!

Yesterday, I cleared off my dinner table, which now sits by the front door and is pulled out for meals. (We can now fit 4 people around it comfortably when pulled out, should mom wish to join us, or if we have someone over.) And then I tackled something I’ve been putting off for 6 months… My mantle.

We have a fireplace, but it’s been sealed up long before we ever moved in. So beneath the mantle is our gas heater (which I’ll make a special post about because boy howdy there’s some stuff going on with that thing and it’s CRAZY!) and on mom’s side of the wall, same thing going on. So, we have a mantle, for a boarded up fireplace. It makes for a nice display shelf, honestly. I might build a fake one over the TV sometime in the spring. There I go, rambling on again…

IMG_1081DECORATING AND CLEANING! So I’ve cleaned it up, hung up my marriage license (which I’ve been meaning to do since FOREVER.) It looks a bit cluttered at the moment because I haven’t finished cleaning yet. I’ve still got a bookshelf and a dresser to clear still, and some of that stuff will be spread out across that as well as the dresser. Well, the dresser until we get rid of it and replace it with something a little less… massive. And now, for the decorating part, because yes, I did add decoration. There is a wind-up musical Santa on the left end, and next to the stack of DVDs and that Doctor Who magazine thing, is a Snowman bell. So HA! I eventually got to the decorating part of this rambling post!

Also, if you take a look at the pic above, my mantle pic, in the right side you’ll see a wall hanging. That used to be a t-shirt. It has the French knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and it’s his “I fart in your general direction!” line. One thing I’ve been doing is when I wear a shirt out, if the main picture on it is still intact, I stretch it over a canvas (usually one that I can’t use anymore for painting or other projects). What I want to do is just get some canvas frames and instead of stretching canvas over them, stretch t-shirts and resell them. So, there’s a random craft idea for anyone out there who might want to use it!

When next I post, I’ll have before and after pics of the bookshelf and dresser. Or just the bookshelf. Whichever project I get done today, it’ll have before and afters, that’s for certain.



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