Holiday Decorating Part 1-B (Operation Bookshelf – COMPLETE)

So in my last post about decorating for the holidays, I went into detail about dealing with a certain bookshelf that we’ve put off for over a year. Well, it’s now done! Done and my living-room is mostly more arranged and my son LOVES IT! We’ve also made some serious headway in decluttering mu husband’s stuff. Unfortunately, most of it isn’t exactly in a condition where I’d make a profit on e-Bay, so it’s going to donation. All the books are still in fair condition, but none of them are really noteworthy enough to justify spending more in shipping than what I’d actually get for the book itself. So, I hope this lot of books and magazines makes some people out there very happy this holiday season.

Anyway as promised in the last post, here’s updated pics of the Bookshelf project, and my living-room.


This was taken last night. Currently the space in front of the bookshelf is now cleared of chairs and clutter.

The giant “love seat” that’s 5 feet deep (going to get a smaller one probably in January) and the table and lamp. The table will be pulled out for meals and then put back in the corner to keep our son from getting behind it and causing trouble.
DONATIONS! WOO! There’s 3 big diaper boxes of books, one box of magazines that honestly hasn’t been opened since we moved in. Actually, it was never opened when we moved in. It was literally just a table weight for a year. A bag of magazines/books (I ran out of boxes) and a bag of clothes (mom’s contribution).

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