Holiday Decorating Part 1 (or… Finally Dealing with the Bookshelf)

So it’s now officially the Christmas season. Like most people we’re decorating inside and out. Right now, the focus is on the inside. Of the house that is. Which means it’s time to take out what we have, go to Dollar Tree and buy some more, and start putting it all around right?

Well, for us this means finally tackling something we’ve been putting off since we moved in back in August 2014…the Bookshelf. It’s capitalized because it’s our main living-room fixture, as well as a BIG JOB.

My husband is a pack rat. So am I, but nowhere near the extent that he is. I’ve posted pictures of our living-room before (back when my sister was on her way out, and then again when she was finally gone) so this bookshelf shouldn’t be anything new to anyone who’s been following this blog for a while now. Just to refresh, here’s the bookshelf as it was.WIN_20150806_12_11_06_Pro

And now here’s the start of the sorting for donation,trash, and keep.


I’ve been working on this all day. And will edit this post when it’s done, then again when it’s been moved and restocked.

In the meantime, right now I’m taking a break. I’ve been taking furniture polish to each shelf as I get it cleared, and am scrubbing the hell out of it. I have never been more grateful for my son going through big cases of diapers four times a month in my life because otherwise, I’d have nothing to store all the books for donation and keeping in!

Once we get everything cleared off, sorted, and the bookshelf itself dusted, cleaned, and polished, it’ll be moved across the living-room, and the table will be put where the shelf currently stands. The bookshelf will be mounted to the wall to keep it from leaning forward and having stuff fall out and to keep things from falling off the top and hurting everyone.

Here’s the current layout. Not quite to scale, but it’s as close as I can get with Paint. (I have taken physical measurements to ensure that everything fits together as I need it to though, so no worries.)


And here is what I’m going to redo the room to look like, taking advantage of ALL available floor space, and still having a comfy, livable living-room that we can easily use and move around in.


The first pic has the table larger, but that’s because I’m including the chairs in that, of which only 2 are currently folding chairs. Ultimately they’re all going to be replaced with folding chairs (we have 4 total chairs currently). The second pic shows 4 folding chairs, which will be folded up and set in the corner when not in use. I am currently looking for a couch about half as deep as the one we have (it was free so I can’t complain too much). It’s freaking massive, but even with the measurements I’ve taken thus far, the new arrangement will be able to accommodate that couch until I find one I like better.

As for the electrical situation, technically there are 3 outlets in the living-room. Only 2 of them currently work. We have had an electrician out to look at the 3rd, but he wouldn’t be able to properly fix it unless the whole house is redone. He was surprised that it hadn’t blown out sooner, actually, considering that it’s one of the few original outlets to the house (this house, mind you, was built in the 1940s, so that should tell you something). We’ve since had him out here to look at a few other things that need fixing (minor things, really, but husband and I know NOTHING about how to fix them). And I have checked to ensure that my plan to use a super long extension cord will be safe. He recommended one to use that is mainly for industrial settings (such as school computer labs) but that the safety features will enable us to use it in place of a normal outlet, and that it has internal breakers to keep from overloading. The fuses for the specific one he recommended are cheap and easily replaceable if we ever have to, and can be found at Walmart so no problems there. We can use the second outlet on the wall in that one set for low power things such as Christmas lights without any issues, and use the extension for everything else (I told him the most power hungry thing that’ll be plugged in would be my laptop, and even then not all of the time. It’ll mostly be used for the vacuum and the lamp. – He assured me that it would be perfectly fine, as long as we stick to reasonable household usage.) The rest of the year, it’ll be covered by a protective box to a) keep my son from messing with it b) keep us from accidentally using the second outlet when we don’t need to use it.

I’ve tried arranging my living room with the TV at the other outlet. Unfortunately, we then got a couch, and then a table, and then nothing would fit unless we put the TV back where it started. I didn’t mind, really, because it meant there was more room for everyone to sit together and everyone could see the TV just fine.


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