So I took an arrow to the knee…

Okay, so I didn’t take an arrow to the knee. This isn’t Skyrim. But I did get a cortisone shot in my left knee. The one that’s been giving me hell since May.

I had an appointment to refill my Rx on Tuesday, and my wonderful doctor (love him to death!) called and shamed the specialist I was supposed to see a month ago into getting me in before the end of the week. The soonest they had was yesterday morning. So I finally got to see the orthopedic surgeon about my damned knee! They had me do some updated X-Rays (since my previous ones were done at the end of June/Early July). And it’s been a bit since my MRI, but luckily I had a copy of the results printed out for my PT appointment this next Tuesday. I made sure to take them with me, just in case.

After looking over my updated X-Rays, he agreed with the diagnosis of arthritis my doctor gave, but he won’t know for sure what kind I have (the options currently are osteo, which runs in my family, or psoriatic – which would be linked to my psoriasis) without further testing, so there’s that to look forward to.

I’m to continue with PT, even though I’ve done all I can do with that. He says it’ll be good to already have a place should I need surgery – it’ll cut out the red tape. Plus, he said it’ll help me maintain the work I’ve done thus far. I’ve hit a plateau with it, so there’s not much more I can do on that end BUT maintain at this point. But yeah, he said to continue that so my records with them stay up to date, and because it’ll show my insurance company that this is a persistent issue, and in the long run will help with any disability claim I might need to make later on.

So, medically my options currently are to continue with the pain management, which will likely be lifelong depending on what kind of arthritis I have. The type of pain management may change once we know that. And, if this first cortisone shot wears off then periodic shots every 4 months until, eventually surgery. However, there is an equal chance that this shot can stave off serious and further injury due to the arthritis about 5 to 10 years after about a year of treatment. So I’m really hoping this works! I got a toddler to chase around and I really can’t afford to have knee surgery until he’s about 4 years old (at which point I can tell him to make his own damn peanutbutter sandwich lol).

So, I got that shot yesterday, and then I did something extremely stupid. Instead of going home and putting my let up for the rest of the day, I went to Kroger and did some grocery shopping. In all honesty, we REALLY did need food, at least for a few days until I was back on my feet a bit better again. This was a bad move, but on the plus side I got to run people down with the scooty cart. I don’t get to do that too often. So that was fun.

Now then, today I had to go into the WIC office to pick up my son’s 3 months of vouchers. And I had to yell at people. Long story short, the person I dealt with LAST TIME told me the wrong information about my next appointment. I was told, and it was listed on his folder, that it was a re-certification. I was instructed to come in ANY DAY THIS WEEK (Nov. 16 – Nov. 20) at any time between 8AM and 5PM. Because everywhere is closed next week for the holiday, some places the whole week, others just a day or two, I had to cram in A LOT of my stuff into this week because of the holiday. SO that meant the ONE THING that I was told had no definitive time frame other than “this week” had to be worked in around everything else. Which I had believed was no problem at all since I was literally going by what I was told. ANY time, ANY day – this week.

So there I am, toddler in one hand, cane in the other, yelling at these people who are telling me that no, because it’s a re-certification I have to have an appointment, and if I do a walk-in, I’d have to be there at 7AM because they fill all their walk-in slots by 7:30AM. And that the ONLY day I can do that is Monday, and so I’d have to wait until the 23rd (this next Monday) and hope I made it in time. Slight problem with that – there’s NO WAY I could get there at 7AM because my mom works until 7AM, and doesn’t get home until sometime between 7:30 and 8AM. We have one car, and she needs it for work. My only other option would have been to call in on Wednesday when they do the new schedule, and the soonest I could get would be the 3rd week of December.

To say I wasn’t happy was an understatement. My exact words were “Pardon my french but, because your office fucked up my son is punished and I can’t get him the stuff he needs this month because again, your office fucked up. I’m here doing EXACTLY what I was instructed, but my son gets punished for it? Give me your name, and give me the number and address of who I have to talk to about this higher up than the county office. I want the state level, if you can manage to give me the right information for THAT.”

So then this other woman comes over, and she says “You have any questions?” So I rehash what I just said, what was going on, for the new chick. I straight up tell her I’m not just upset, I’m flat out angry. Because here I was DOING WHAT HER OFFICE TOLD ME TO DO and now because of their incompetence my son is being made to pay for it. SO, she pulls ANOTHER PERSON over to talk to me, and I repeat AGAIN what is going on. At least THIS one starts asking stuff from a different angle. She asked me who specifically I spoke to the last time I was there, and who told me it was a re certification and gave me the instructions. I couldn’t remember her name, but I remembered exactly what she looked like because she’s the one I always have to deal with. And that she had blonde hair. So she calls all the blondes over and asks me to point to which one it was. I did. She lets them all get back to work, and then checks her computer and sure enough, I was given the wrong information to start with. She then shouts down the first two women I had to talk to because looking in the computer should have been the FIRST thing they did instead of trying to brush me off in the first place. She profusely apologized to me, and personally fixed up my son’s vouchers. Now here’s where it gets a bit funny…

Turns out it was a follow up, to check on how his eating habits had changed based on our last visit (his hemoglobin was down, so they were concerned about his iron and vitamin C). If his eating habits hadn’t changed to improve his levels, they would have helped me figure out a plan to get him to eat iron rich foods if I couldn’t get him to eat them no matter what. Turns out, didn’t need the consult for the meal plans because he’s started changing his eating habits without a problem (and I can FINALLY get the little shit to eat oranges! HUZZAH!). So after the follow up, my son and I go wait in the waiting room again. When next we are called, there sits the blonde woman I had pointed out. And standing right behind her is the woman who had helped to straighten everything out for me. The blonde was made to apologize not to me, but to my 20 month old son because her screw up would have, in the problem solving woman’s words “Your error nearly caused him to lose out on the valuable nutrition he needs. He’s the real victim here, not his mother. She was doing what was right, and fighting back for her son.” So after this office humiliation, she gave him a sticker and apologized, even though everyone knew he wouldn’t care nor understand. I thanked the woman who had helped to clear it all up, and she apologized on behalf of her office and assured me that it would never happen again. She ensured that the information I was given this time was correct, and she said that if I run into any problems again, to ask for her by name. If she is not in the office, then to ask for her immediate supervisor, and there won’t be a problem any more. Apparently blonde chick has messed up this badly before. So… not sure how much longer she’ll be working there.

Of minor note in today’s adventures, just when my knee was starting to hurt a smidge less, my son headbutted it in the waiting room by accident. He was playing with another little boy, and the boy tripped, knocking into my son, who headbutted my left knee. So guess who was limping back out of the WIC office today when all was said and done.

After this, we needed to do more grocery shopping. So rather than stick to the original plan of going straight from the WIC office to Wall-Mart (because we were literally less than 3 minutes away from it) I had to go all the way back across town, get my husband and my Tylenol, and then go BACK TO WALMART. But before that, I had to stop by the post office to mail a package from eBay, and then gas up the car. THEN to Wall-Mart.

After we got back home, about 3 hours later, I put my legs up, told my husband dinner was his to make tonight, and then took a pain pill because damn both my knees were killing me so bad that my shins were hurting, too.


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