Blargh. That is all.

Well this week has certainly taken a few strange and odd turns, and it’s only just now Wednesday.

It’s all been a bit of a whirr, but I’ll try to put it into some kind of order.

So after Friday, when we discovered “Holy shit this kitchen might burn down because a dumbass stapled through a wire!”, I set out to test the troubling outlet. But not until Saturday. I figured, “if it can survive the washing machine, I’ll consider plugging in the CrocPot.” It survived the washer – twice – without incident. But I’m still leary of it. We’re leaving the kitchen light on at night instead of using the night light for the plug. I just seriously don’t trust it. I mean, the guy that came out simply looked at it, pulled out the staple, wrapped some tape around it, and went on. You’d think that “I saw multiple sparks, smelled smoke that lasted for longer than a few minutes, there’s a black char mark on the wall behind the wire, and the wiring in this house is a hodgepodge of original 1940s and 1980s wiring that wasn’t done properly to start with” might actually get them to send a REAL electrician out. Nope.

Well, there’s no fire just yet, so that’s a plus… Also on Saturday my husband received a settlement check for $35 in the mail from a class action suit he hadn’t been aware of. We’ve checked it out thoroughly and beyond reason, the check is legit and real. (We’re paranoid about this kind of thing because of a bad check situation that happened to my mother-in-law prior to my meeting my husband, and as a result she’s got a fraud charge on her record, all because she did an online survey and cashed the check in good faith.) So hey! There’s a bonus $35 we didn’t have before!

Sunday, my son discovered he can use the motorboat sounds while pushing one of his toy baskets around, and thus he now has a motorboat that carries his toys around the house. Sunday would have remained a rather decent day, had my mouth not decided to go into overactive pain overdrive. (I have a few dental issues that, unfortunately, I can’t get taken care of at the moment. Chief among them is a wisdom tooth that has broken away leaving an exposed nerve that usually doesn’t bother me too much, and a filling that’s come loose but not out. Just enough to cause some pain issues.) Due to this, I had to take my last pain pill because I simply could not even function with that level of pain.

So, cue Monday, when I actually needed it because I had a lot of errands to take care of and surprise, the overuse of my knee caused pain. My husband, such a sweetheart (most of the time) offered to give me one of his pain pills (he has debilitating muscle spasms in his left arm after having had a hydroseal removed back in late July), and though I was tempted, I couldn’t. So I pounded away the Tylenol, then had to switch to Ibuprophen (I had some 800mg tablets left over from an old prescription when I injured my foot last year.) Had it not been for the fact that I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor, to get my Tramadol refill prescription, I likely would have taken him up on it. But due to the nature of my med, I am subject to random drug testing before getting my refill authorized, to ensure I am not abusing my medication. (I have NO problem with that, though, because seriously it helps keep the practice from turning into a pill mill and ensures that the people who actually do need the meds for pain management can get them with very little inconvenience and trouble.) But damn could I have used just a little relief. My mouth was still flaring (this can last up to about a week sometimes) on top of my knee, and now my hip and side. I just can’t win this week (yet).

So cue Tuesday… At about 6:30AM, my son decides “Hello world! Time to get up!” Now this is unusual for him because he typically won’t wake up until about 9, and even then he requires some prodding. This is pretty much just his natural thing. But… Monday, he didn’t nap. So… He went to bed early, and you know what they say about early to bed… On the plus side, by getting up so early he had an early nap while I was at my doctor’s appointment, and was able to sleep for about 2 hours before the specialist from Babies Can’t Wait came for her weekly visit. So this week she actually got to observe him while he was awake. The session went much better than she or I anticipated. My doctor visit went well, and I had just enough time to stop by the store to pick up some bread and milk, but not fill my prescription. I had to put that off to today…

There’s a reason this post is happening before 9AM today… and his name starts with a J. He woke up this morning at 4:30-ish AM, and hasn’t stopped shouting since. It’s been a hellish coctail of gas, hunger, thirst, diapers out the wazoo, and just general morning crankiness. Due to pain, I wasn’t able to get to sleep until about 12:30AM so… I’m runnin on fumes. Husband didn’t crawl into bed until about 12:30AM simply because I stood in the doorway of the room he was in and told him what time it was, and that I couldn’t sleep.

I’ve been working on this post for a few hours at this point. Having to constantly stop and start. Occasionally nodding off. Occasionally changing another diaper or having to administer more gas drops. At this point, I’ve had an entire 12 cup pot of coffee by myself. My next cup, I’m switching to tea. I’ve already broken one coffee cup this morning because I honestly didn’t see anything else in the sink, and kinda just… dropped the cup in instead of set it in. Don’t think we’ll be making it to baby play time today at 10AM. I need to head out in a few hours to get my meds and stop by the bank to deal with that settlement check, get some diapers, and some cranberry juice to deal with a possible kidney infection. I have to do all of this in the morning because my mom has a meeting this afternoon. Hopefully it won’t run over, so I can just handle my meds this evening. But gods damned it usually does run over so… Doesn’t really matter because we’re so low on diapers my son’s supply won’t last that long.

Also, half asleep, I must say that I do quite like the latest update to the post writing system thing in the latest wordpress update. This is quite nice, and I like having the button placed where it is so I don’t have to keep scrolling back and forth to add tags and then publish or edit.


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