Bad, then good, then bad, then good. It’s been a rollercoaster of a day.

This morning I woke up, happy and looking forward to the day.

And that’s where that ends.

Later in the morning I went to get my son ready for a family outing that I’ve been looking forward to all week. Before leaving, I was going to set up the crock pot with some lovely beef stew for dinner for this very cold Georgia night. Well, I’d also figured “hey, I haven’t done my November spray yet, so I’ll do that, too before we go.”

We’ve been fighting all sorts of bugs in this old house of ours, but since I started doing a monthly spray with the Ortho, it’s become less of a problem and more of an annoyance. (This house is sooooooo old and we didn’t know when we moved in that the summers can be rather… buggy. But we love this house and we’re saving up to do some remodeling, after getting it cleared with the landlord of course, to help with some structural issues as well.) So, I get out my jug and wand, and do my usual light spritzing in the hard to reach places.

And that’s where the day went pear shaped.

I sprayed around this one particuarly tricky spot, which happens to the the base of where a plug is. But the plug sticks out from the wall, and is about halfway up from it. It’s behind our washer, which is notoriously difficult to reach normally, so the wand and such there is perfect. At least I thought it was. See, there’s this wire, protected in a protected coating of course, that was attached to the wall that leads to the plug, and then under the floor. The base of this, unknown to me, was exposed. Apparently a staple that was used to secure the wire to the wall had nicked the coating and had exposed the wire. So it’s been exposed all this time and we simply didn’t know. Well guess who sprayed liquid RIGHT into the EXACT spot where there’s a nick in the coating…. this gal.

So it sparked. The breaker tripped. There was a charred smell. No fire thank goodness (we do have a fire extinguisher though so we grabbed it out ASAP). And I called the landlord’s office. Downside to that plug going out? Our gas heater in the bedroom is still out of commission for the moment, and so we had been using an electric heater. Since that ONE outlet has it’s OWN breaker (luckily) we were using that plug in the kitchen and bringing it ’round into the bedroom so it wouldn’t trip the rest of the house by accident (we had that happen a few times last year).

So, that meant we had NO heat for a night that’s gonna be around 34 degrees, and tomorrow which will be even colder at night. SO…. I called. And had to leave a message because they had literally just left for lunch and wouldn’t be back in the office till about 1:30 or 2. So, I left the message. And set to cleaning the bedroom instead because hey, I clean when I’m upset. So, family day was cancelled, as someone had to stay home in case they called or came by. I still had errands to run, though. We’ll get to that in a moment.

So, I get to cleaning. I pick up the stuff on the floor, and then pull out the vacuum. And I accidentally sucked up a baby blanket I had missed because it was hidden under the bed. It broke the belt on the vacuum. This is the THIRD belt in as many days. SO, add a trip to Wall-Mart to my list of errands, to get a damned belt for the vacuum. So, I go to Starbucks to get some drinks for me and hubby (which was the point of going out today at all) and then off to the post office and then Wall-Mart. By the time I’m done with all of that, I’m at Kroger to get some toilet paper because it’s much cheaper there. And fruit, because again, much cheaper. I get a call from the landlord. Someone is being sent out today, no prob.

I get home, check e-bay to find I’ve sold another set of books so hurrah! Guy eventually comes, tapes up the damn cord and says “keep an eye on it, if it does it again switch the breaker to it back off and we’ll get an electrician out here”. So boo. We’ll find out tomorrow when I plug the washer in and try to do some laundry whether or not it’ll hold. I asked him to take a look at our gas heater, too (since we’ve been waiting 3 weeks on that) and the guy says “that’s a different work order, I don’t do those” so I’m like “well fucking hell.”

So the afternoon goes by, kid is super fussy because he’s super gassy. But the evening holds out pretty well. Goes by really good. And then I log into ebay and WOOHOO! Sold another book! Hurrah!

So at least the day is ending on a good note I suppose. Its been one hell of a day, that’s for sure.


3 responses to “Bad, then good, then bad, then good. It’s been a rollercoaster of a day.

  1. is the baby crawling? a clean freak? if no to both, get some boric acid…bugs hate the stuff…sprinkle it along the baseboards BEHIND appliances under sinks, etc…we got them flying roaches and they chirp, like birds…and be careful…or i’m gonna have to call you sparky


    • HAHAHA! The baby’s running these days. And yeah, I keep the place hella clean. It was super bad this last summer (2014 summer was totally manageable when it came to bugs) because my trashy sister was living with us during the summer and UGH! Never kept stuff clean, and it was hell going behind her. – I already use boric acid (they have it at our local dollar store so I stocked up!) as well as baits, the things that rip the egg sacks off (those things are AMAZING!) and sprays that I rotate the brands around with. One month I’ll buy Raid, the next Hotshot, Tat, and this one I really like I think it’s called Bad Bugger or something. I rotate the brands because each formula is a little different, so when they start getting resistant to one, I switch to the next. I lay off the Raid for a while, and then when I go to use it, it’s effective again. We need to fog the place, but can’t afford to board up the dog and don’t know anyone that’ll take her for the time we’d need. On top of schedules for everyone conflicting. We’re saving up to get an exterminator to come out. Since I started doing my monthly routine with it, we’ve seen some good results, as sightings have been cut down to half, and it’s a huge incentive for my husband to finally go through all his stuff (he hoards electronics and all kinds of junk for his projects) and finally get rid of what he truly doesn’t need, and properly clean and store the rest in bins that I’ve been getting. It’s been a HUGE decluttering for months now so I know that’s also contributed to the numbers going down. With the winter weather coming in, we’re also taking advantage of the dormant season and really striking hard, as this’ll be our best shot of taking out even more of the little blighters.
      Daw! I’ll be careful. I’ll be sure to have my fire extinguisher at the ready! 🙂

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