What the Universe gives, it can take away, and then give back again if it wants.

So I may have come upon my first refund as a seller on eBay. It’s partially my fault, in all honesty, as I forgot to get a tracking number. SO, because of that, I took a photo of the receipt, then a photo of me holding said receipt, showing 2 things. One, that I did indeed send the comic book to Brooklyn. And Two, that I am a real person, and because I am willing to show my face, I am showing that I am not deliberately trying to scam the buyer.

Now then, that said, because I have no tracking number I cannot see when the item arrives. I did refund the full cost of shipping that the buyer paid, because it was the right thing to do in the situation. My fuck up, buyer deserves a break.

Unfortunately this puts me in the position of having to rely on the buyer to be honest and tell me when the item arrives. THIS will be the tricky part. Because this buyer is hard to get hold of. The method of shipping I used was USPS and it takes anywhere from 2-9 days to arrive. So, on Wed, it will be 9 days. If it does not arrive on Wed, then I will need to refund the item. And if it arrives after that point, then poo poo on me and always get a tracking number. And that’s assuming the buyer is honest.

Well, that’s the give and take away part. Now here’s the give back again…

Within 5 minutes of me sending the buyer a note stating that if it hasn’t come by Wed, then I will refund the item in full, another item on my pageot a bid!

Here’s the kicker….

It was the EXACT SAME PRICE as the one I’m probably going to have to refund! And the shipping for it will be pretty much the same as well! So, that takes me from refund land to break even…. but it gets better!

Then, an item TWICE AS MUCH got a bid! (From a buyer who’s bought from me before, so I KNOW the money’s good and the buyer honest) and I know the shipping isn’t much so now I’ve gone from break even to what should have been profit on the “replacement item” that the universe slapped a bid on. But wait…. IT GETS BETTER!

A THIRD item, which I’ve had to relist no less than 6 times so far, with no watchers, no bidders, and only 4 views total pretty much each time it’s relisted SOLD. So NOW I’m where I’m supposed to be profit wise, even WITH the potential refund hanging in the air.

Today is a good day.

Now then, time to go clean toddler vomit off some stuffed animals before heading to the post office and laundromat.


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