Lady Bryan’s Ebay Round-Up!

ebay_bannerIt’s that time again!

Today I’ve added a few new items to the list!


Wiccan Prayer Book – starts at $3.99

Rubber clogs size 10 – starts at $8.00 (FREE SHIPPING!!!)

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Deck – starts at $5.00

Torchwood Action Figures! Gwen Cooper and Weevil – both starting at $14.99


DC Comics – Identity Crisis COMPLETE 7 issues + Variant Cover #1 – starts at $9.99

Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born (hardcover) – starts at $9.99

DC Comics – Justice League ELITE #1-12 – starts at $14.99 with buy it now at $19.99

DC Comics – Outsiders #11 – starts at $3.99

DC Comics – Teen Titans #4, 16, 21, 24 – All starting at $3.99

And there’s so much more it’d take forever to list it! I’ve got comics, manga, and some regular books up for grabs right now. So mosey on over to my eBay and see if you can find something for the geek in your life.


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