What’s the answer to the ultimate question? The answer to life? The Universe? Well, Everything!

My husband turned 42 yesterday. Yes. 42. The answer to life, the universe, and everything. And you know what kind of cake he wanted?…

IMG_20151103_212529 [12636836]


That’s his cake. That I made. If you click on the pic, you can see it bigger. This was right after I’d finished frosting it. The cake itself was a white cake mix with purple coloring to make this marble effect. And then the frosting is chocolate with a shit ton of food coloring to make it really dark like space. Literally the only reason I got the chocolate was because it was already dark, and I just had to make it darker. The sprinkles came with the frosting, but are NOT the ones meant to come with the chocolate Pillsbury… the only one that comes with stars is the orange one. So yes, I swapped out the sprinkle lids at the store. Like hell I was gonna buy 2 cans when I only needed 1. And I searched ALL OVER THE STORE (Walmart) for star shaped sprinkles. I could fine none. NONE. This includes both the baking and the Wilton sections. As well as random places like arts and crafts, party supplies, and yes even the Christmas stuff that’s already out.

So the Great Sprinkle Swap was a move out of desperation.

I drew as best as I could the infamous Hitchhiker’s Dot. His tongue isn’t sticking out because I didn’t have any red. I got a tube of green frosting for drawing/writing, and a tube of green writing gel. So yeah, it actually does say DON’T PANIC at the bottom, but you can hardly see panic.

When I can find where my mum put her camera, I’ll load a few pics from when we all sat down and had cake.

For dinner, I made a special lasagna from scratch (the man LOVES lasagna!) with gluten-free lasagna pasta. And lemme tell you, it came out better than my regular lasagna does! I made such a big pan of it, too, that we’re STILL eating it. And will finish it off tomorrow. This is also after giving some away for mum to take to work last night for a co-worker who’s birthday is this weekend. (I got rave reviews from him on my lasagna as well.)

So, all in all, it was a wonderful day yesterday. We fell asleep watching the 2005 version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but only because I couldn’t find a good site with links to all 6 original BBC episodes. (Sadly, I sold my copies of both the movie and the miniseries for diaper money last year.)

He also got some pretty cool gifts. The present from my mom was a $20 Playstation Store card (which he has promptly used to buy the last 2 Infamous games) and the gift from me and our son was a Star Wars Hotwheels theme pack that came with a Tie-Fighter and the Millennium Falcon from the new Star Wars film coming out next month.

Not too bad a birthday, I think. And he had fun!


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