I have successfully sold 6 items on e-Bay. With a few more on the way! This is more fun than I thought!

So I’m really excited right now. Just shipped off the last 2 items from my initial stuff for sale. And I couldn’t be happier. This has netted me a good chunk of money for Christmas. With what I’ve made so far, my son’s going to get some really great stuff (and a new winter coat!)

I’ve got a lot of comic books up right now, but I’m hoping to put other stuff up, too. Like some envelope sets and stuff I’ve got sitting around and not using. Have a whole mess of handmade envelopes that have just been taking up space. Might put together a stationary set or something and sell that all in one go. Of course, I’m going through my book collection, too. Might sacrifice my Torchwood collection, might not. Could always save that for next year.

But I’m having a lot of fun doing this, and I think I’ll continue even after the holidays. Not really enough to make a living (come on guys, I’m being a realist here) but enough to make things a little more comfortable, or to squirrel away as emergency funds for new tires, car parts, or even husband’s DragonCon trips.

But yeah, I’m having a ball with this!


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