Two things yesterday – 1) my ventures into eBay selling have been what I consider a success! Will be shipping some stuff out tomorrow, and over the next week or so. Will keep posting things to sell. This has been great fun!

And 2) the Babies Can’t Wait rep, Suzanne, came yesterday with a speech therapist to evaluate my son. The physical end, he’s scored pretty high. Communication, not so much. They like to see a score between 8- and 100, and on communication my son got a 74. The downside to the communication score is that the lower it is, the lower it brings the cognitive understanding score. So on that, my son got an 82. The reason being, the two are tied together. If he has trouble with communication, he may not be able to effectively understand what is being said to him, or connect certain words to things, or phrases to things. He does have his own words for stuff, which is good. But little tiny things are what brought his score down. The solution is that they’re going to assign a specialist to us to work with us and our son to build these skills up, and in doing so it should help make daily routines easier for everyone involved.

Yesterday was also the last time we could ever watch Back to the Future Part 2 and still have part of it set in the future. The entire movie now takes place entirely in the past. And that just feels sooooooooo weird! To commemorate, my husband and I ate homemade pizzas and watched the movie before bed.


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