Making the Bag

So this is my SECOND attempt at loom knitting a bag for the cards that need a bag. Check this post to see what I’m even talking about here. Anyway, what I learned last night was don’t take 50mg tramadol and then expect to do a decreasing cast off on a round loom. It’s just not going to work. Especially when you’re doing double yarn knitting and can’t even remember where you set your glasses that are on your face.

WIN_20151017_12_57_52_ProSo that’s always fun. Anyway, this is what I’ve got on the second bag so far. I’m basically doing a hat pattern thing, with ribbon in the “brim” for the opening. I’m still using the crayon yarn, but since it didn’t do well with me and the needles (for some reason I am incapable of properly casting onto the damned needles in the first place! I must be hella outta practice) so I switched to the loom. Unfortunately the loom makes such wide gaps in the project, so I paired it with some denim blue cotton yarn. Soft, but durable.

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