e-Bay, knitting, and other things.

IMG_0625So the e-Bay thing is working out! At least for now. Which is wonderful. I’ve already got about $50 worth of bids on my some of my stuff, and there’s still about 4 days left on most of it. Anything that doesn’t sell will be re-listed.

One of the decks, however, is missing the bag that came with it. So I can’t very well sell it for a decent price now can I?….. Or can I? I’ve picked up needles and yarn folks, and I’m gonna replace the bag! This is very thin sock yarn, and it’s super soft. Perfect for cradling an oracle deck in. My mom calls it “crayon yarn” due to the colors in it.

Well, thereWIN_20151016_17_01_53_Pro‘s that stuff outta the way. Husband is getting the back room somewhat in order, and I’m scaring up ways to make extra cash from home. Such as writing for pay by the word sites. That’s right, I’m gonna put my writing skills to good use via TextBroker. Husband and mother-in-law used to do write-ups there for extra cash. At least it’ll give me something to do.

And lastly, I bought my son’s Halloween costume yesterday! It’s the last one Wall-Mart had in his size, and I was so excited when I found it that I immediately called my husband and had to tell him about it! Not pictured is the goofy blue pumpkin bucket I also bought for candy collection.


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