So…… Ebay.

Now that I’ve finally gotten Pay-Pal straightened out after 2 years of fighting with them to prove that yes, my last name is my last name since I got married and yes, the SSN matches, and yes I am who I say I am…. I’ve finally been able to go back to e-bay. Not the best option, I know. But I’ve got a LOT of manga to offload and the Tumblr selling blog was a big bust so…..

Yeah. You can check out what all I’ve got posted here on my seller page. I’ll be adding a link to my sidebar for it of course. I won’t be posting exclusively about it, of course. That breaks wordpress rules. But it’ll be there in case anyone wants to see what all I’ve got. Plus, I’ll probably do like a post a few times a month about everything that’s getting added or sold so people know about the changes in inventory and so forth.


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