The Terrible Neighbors…. The Conclusion.

It is with deep regret that i inform you, readers, that I will no longer tell tales of my asshole neighbor named Eddie. I found out from my landlord today that he died on Tuesday.

For months now, it’s been relatively quiet over there. This past month, not a single decibel high enough to rattle my windows and vibrate my house came from across the street.

Under normal circumstances, I’ll be honest, I’d be hootin and hollerin my joy at never having to experience that particular brand of harassment, intimidation, and verbal abuse again. Yes, I know, he’s someone’s family.

It is for that reason I am even sitting down to write this today… because it’s his family that seems odd.

So we’ve been watching them across the street. And you’d never know that the man died from the way they’ve been acting. Indeed, we knew something had happened, as there were many emergency response vehicles parked on our street and in our back yard on Sunday. I only remember that because I’d gone out with my husband on Saturday to have date day.

Anyway, so yeah. Everyone across the street actually seems more…. relieved than bereaved. It’s a little odd. However, I was able to find out from my landlord (who is the same as their landlord across the street) that the man’s mother, Inez, is relieved not to have him around anymore. She’s sad, of course. I mean, he was her son. Her child. But according to my landlord, when she saw her, she was significantly brighter. Happier, even, than she’s seen her in 3 years (Eddie moved in with her 3 years ago).  I suppose we might just be watching an entire family masking their grief until the weekend, as life does continue on despite personal losses. Bills still have to be paid, groceries still have to be bought, lives still have to be lived.

At any rate, this seems to be the end of the Asshole Neighbors saga… well, at least this chapter of it. We’ve got some others that could use a closer looking at (Lookin at you, robo-tripper from the Boys and Girl’s Club! and you, too, BBQ pit with the drum set guy!) but unless they get outta line, this is pretty much it.

While I’m joining the others in our neighborhood in the sheer relief that finally, FINALLY we’re going to have peace and quiet around here now (well, except for the drum set guy and the robo-tripper, but they’re not all that active and terrible) it’s sad that the price paid for some decent quiet was a human life.

The family is receiving visitors today at the funeral home between 6 and 8pm today. Tomorrow they’re having the service, and my neighbor will be buried in a local cemetery. Again, despite the fact I’m happy he’s gone, I’m sorry he’s gone in the manner of which he’s gone. I would have much preferred that he move away instead.


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