Is this a death rattle for Xanga?

Xanga’s unpaid volunteer community “liaison” (and I use that word very loosely) posted a few days ago.

edlives1I boxed in 2 particular points of interest in the post here in my screencap. Firstly…

edlives2This is, of course, no surprise to anyone still using the blogging service, and those of us who have kept an eye on the (lack of) progress thus far with the Xanga upgrade.

But here is something I find particularly telling of what might just be Xanga’s death rattle…

edlives3Now, here’s the problem I have with this. For over 2 years now, Edlives/Joel has been touting that Xanga is the best. Xanga has better security. Xanga far exceeds all other blogging services and websites of it’s kind. That it’s even better and more functional than the free WordPress. And yet… Well there it is in his own words. He’s trying to transition Autisable OFF of Xanga. Why? For someone who has been the outspoken champion of these people for over 2 years, why make this move?… Especially after admitting that he’s had them focus on Autisable long enough to actually take attention and time away from what they should be doing with Xanga. It doesn’t make sense. Has the unofficial spokesperson lost confidence in the team and product he has defended since before the end of Xanga 1 finally had enough, or he just knows that business wise Xanga is a failure and is trying to protect what little he has accomplished? After all, if Xanga goes down and Autisable is still part of it, Autisable goes down with the ship. But if Autisable is separated and becomes it’s own entity, then all that work is saved and the only risk Edlives/Joel is making is that of his personal blog, which let’s face it since the launch of Autisable the personal blog has been severely lacking in updates. Not saying we need to know every intimate detail of his life. Far from it. But the updates are nowhere near the level they were, even given his busy schedule. Is the “liaison” losing confidence as well?

Only time will tell.

2 responses to “Is this a death rattle for Xanga?

  1. It’s interesting that he stated in a post that he still believes the ROI of being on Xanga at $4/mo is still worth it compared to free blogging sites. Wanting to relocate to a new site would appear to contradict that sentiment.

    I suppose that once he is off Xanga, he may feel emboldened to be more active in getting Xanga to respond to their customers. Or,… just move on and leave Xanga and it’s remaining users to wallow in silence. I would think since he played such a big role in promoting the switch to “2.0”, he’ll likely won’t just disappear altogether since his reputation is on the line as well.

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