Cleaning Week!

giphySo… We discovered last year that this place needs to be mega cleaned about twice a year. This means pulling out the big ass appliances, scrubbing down the baseboards and walls, and really getting into those hard to reach corners. This week marks the Fall Cleaning session. We’re doing a section a day for a whole week. Yesterday was the bathroom.

Today is the kitchen. We’re only half-way done with it, as I also need to do laundry. Today is going to be a light cleaning day, though as it’s date time. (We’ll do the first half of our bedroom then, and on Sunday to the other half plus the front porch.)

Our goal is to get everything done by Wednesday night, that way we have a nice clean house come Thursday morning, when the Babies Can’t Wait rep is due to come and speak with us. Normally, we’d be doing the cleaning the first full week of October, as it’s after bills and immediately before mid-month errands and shopping. Unfortunately, the first full week of October can’t be eaten up like that, as there’s doctor appointments to be guru

I should be going in to discuss lab results with my doctors sometime next week, plus I’ve got physical therapy. PLUS my husband has an appointment. So it’s a pretty busy week. As such, we’ve embarked on the cleaning for the last week of this month, as I can more easily work around what’s on the books already for this next week, which isn’t much until Thursday.

Overall, the living-room won’t be too much of a hassle, as we did a heavy duty cleaning of it back at the start of August in the aftermath of my sister’s departure. So that room at least is just a maintenance and fine tuning issue.


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