Busy couple of days!

So no card again on Tuesday. This was due to my son pulling an all nighter Monday (when I usually do the write-up for the Tuesday card reading) and needing constant attention (poor tyke wasn’t feeling too well. Had himself a horrid case of colic) and then a sudden trip to the ER Tuesday morning. Husband had been fighting a terrible pain with the nerves around his lipoma removal scar for 2 days, causing him to call Monday to make an appointment with his doctor. Soonest we could get him in is October 6th. Well, the pain got so bad Tuesday morning that he couldn’t turn his head, move his arm, or pretty much do anything without being in agonizing pain. On the 1-10 scale, he hovered around an 8, and when it would spasm and spike… well unfortunately the scale doesn’t go up to 15. And these spasms were coming on suddenly and frequently. Even when he wasn’t actually doing anything more than laying in bed. So, sudden trip it was. The doctor took a look at it, said it was something that started with the letter T and ended with sis. Gave him a script for 800mg Ibuprophen and a mild muscle relaxer. Figured they’d do that at the least, but come on…. they’re not even going to do an MRI to look and see if there is soft tissue damage? It’s not like his insurance wouldn’t cover it, I mean, he’s on freaking medicaid and we were in the ER. That falls under emergency procedures and care. Guaranteed payment (well, that’s how the medicaid in GA works at any rate. Especially when you’re on disability.) But, they at least gave him something to cope with the pain until he goes to the doctor on the 6th…. But there IS an upside to this though because later in the day….

I went to physical therapy, where I found out that my PT will do FREE injury screenings! I was describing my husband’s problem to my PT and she immediately recommended I bring him in, explaining that it sounded like some condition that she deals with on a regular basis (scapular something or other. Pardon the fuzzyness, I’ve had to take a rather strong medication to deal with my back and leg pain). So, we’re going to set that up for him next week sometime. My PT was also pretty pissed on my husband’s behalf that they didn’t do an MRI to confirm diagnosis, and will be making a formal complaint to the board of trustees of our local hospital. This apparently isn’t the first time she’s heard this from her patients, and some of them would have been able to avoid surgery if it had been done a lot sooner. Others, like myself, would have been given a correct diagnosis had an MRI been done at the time I presented in the ER with my original back injury in 2014. Instead, I’ve been in agony for over a year and no one can figure out what the hell is going on. At least, they couldn’t figure it out until too late.

Tailbone didn’t break, but it did go crooked. It went crooked in such a way that on the X-Rays they did of my ass it looked perfectly straight. But had they taken images at a 3/4s angle instead of directly on my side and directly on my back, they would have seen the tip of my tail bone cutting at my muscles and the discs just above it compressing my sciatic nerve. So yeah…. it’s been going on now so long that I’ve got muscle and nerve damage. Because they didn’t bother to do an MRI to check the soft tissue in the area as well as an X-Ray for bone damage.

Speaking of MRIs…. today I FINALLY got mine for my knee! So hurrah!!! Results should be in sometime in the next 24-48 hours. Got an ultrasound on my liver today, too. Unrelated health issue, but just a way to rule out (or confirm) a hypothesis from my doctor.

I could eat because the MRI was for my knee. I couldn’t eat because of the instructions I was given for the ultrasound. Couldn’t eat past midnight, but my appointment for the ultrasound was at 3:30pm. So….. when I left I went straight to Wal-mart, straight to the deli, grabbed a foot long sub, took it to the register, and paid for it and the biggest sweet tea I could find. I then walked around Wal-mart swigging tea and eating my sandwich as I shopped.

My webcomic won’t have a page today (as I’m writing this it’s 2AM on Thursday) because I’ve been so busy since Sunday that I didn’t have time to upload the next few pages to auto-post for the next month.

Anyway, I’m a bit fuzzy so I’m gonna wrap this up, then take my computer to bed and pass out playing Free Cell. Because it’s fun that’s why.

Good night, good morning, good day to you all!


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