A Family Day With a Toddler

Yesterday was the second day of the Roselawn Annual Arts and Crafts Festival. They hold it every year without fail, rain or shine. This year, we live close enough to walk, and knew the times and dates of it at the same time. So of course we went!

Made a family day of it. Took the toddler. And boy did we have fun. It was hot as hell, and we had to leave after only a few hours, but we still had lots of fun. My son had shaved ice for the first time from the best place in town (Coconuts has been around for ages, and they are without a doubt the BEST! Even better than the Kona Ice snowcones!)

He also had his first regular water bottle and promptly poured most of it on himself. But he figured out a system of using his tongue to staunch and control the water flow. My husband bought me a cherry pit hot/cold pack. My mother a little owl print handbag (she loves owls!) and our son a little tool belt, complete with toy tools.

After this, we went home, relaxed for about an hour and a half, and then bundled the little Boobear into the car and went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s a buffet, and normally I don’t like buffets, but this one is particularly good in that they keep on top of the food. It’s regularly refreshed, even if it’s only half a pan left. Completely removed and replaced with a fresh pan entirely. The old stuff gets recycled by being set aside for the owner’s pets, and the occasional local homeless (they do put it in the fridge to keep it from spoiling). Anyway, so we went and have a lovely time of it. My son kept dropping food on the floor. See, he’s used to doing that when we’re not looking, and sharing his food with the family dog. The waitress was so understanding, and after we explained the situation, she would make a little barking noise whenever she’d sweep up his mess. He loved it!

After dinner, we went over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things my husband and I needed. Really, we went for diapers and printer ink but walked out with a whole lot more than that. Then again, it’s Wal-Mart. If you don’t walk out the door with more than what you actually went in for and needed, you’re obviously doing Wal-Mart wrong. That place is designed to trap you until you’ve spent every last penny.

Anyway, it was a relatively quiet night. Poor little man was all tuckered out after the day he had. And so were we! Exhausting, but most definitely needed a fun family day.

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