Weekly Oracle: September 15, 2015

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of a card last week. Life got so busy and in the way that I was unable to finish the post in time, and I did not feel it right to put the post up only part-way finished. And now, on to this week’s reading…

"The Blessed Realms" - Illustrated by Alice Englander; Photo by Z. Bryan

“The Blessed Realms” – Illustrated by Alice Englander; Photo by Z. Bryan

Deck: The Lord of the Rings Oracle

Card: The Blessed Realms

The Blessed Realms… the Undying Lands… The land of Arda. All these names for the place in which the gods, the Valar, of Middle Earth reside. It is into the West that the elves passed, the land of paradise and eternal bliss. It is here they dwelled in peace and splendor. Until the days of Morgoth returned and Arda was marred by his poison. But these lands, even after the splendor was spoilt, were again made peaceful. Here life is eternal, and here are the beauties that outshine all things.

The Blessed Realms represent life, peace, joy, tranquility, and the end of struggles and strife.

In the weeks before, many of the cards I pulled were… well, let’s be honest here. They were a bit dark and spoke of great difficulty. Now, that difficulty is past, or is about to be past. Now is the time of fulfillment of goals, ambitions, and the pursuit of spiritual matters. But be warned, like with the return of Morgoth, these good tidings can be spoilt if you allow your priorities to get muddled and yourself blinded by this sudden bliss. Don’t forget the fight to reach this point, as it will serve to remind you not to take this positive turn for granted.

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