Crafty Mom: Yarn Disc Thingies

So today I found myself in quite a bit of pain from my hip and my knees. And my big toe. Seriously, my damned arthritic toe decided to get in on the action today. Anyway, so I was bored. I needed something to help me relax because due to the side effects of my pain meds, I can’t take them during the day and expect top watch my son at the same time. So they’re generally reserved for the late evening and night time. As I said, I was bored and needed something to distract me from the pain. BUT it had to be something not super involved, and something I could set down and walk away from for long periods of time, AND something that didn’t require a lot of prep, cleanup, or sharp objects.

WIN_20150915_10_43_24_ProSo… I had a stack of old scratched up, unfixable, and disc-rotted DVDs sitting around that I keep hoarding “for art projects someday”. I had a bag of scrap yarn that I forgot to give to my mum when I purged the yarn collection that was taking up too much space.

So what’s a crafty mom to do?

Well, something obviously. I grabbed some yarn, I grabbed a disc, and I started wrapping that stuff up! Ended up taking it with me to my doctor’s appointment today, where I got 2 more discs finished.

WIN_20150915_16_58_22_ProI haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with them. I tried out a few ideas like turning one into a pentacle, another into a moon thing. Those didn’t work out so well. I suppose I could get some thin cork sheets and mount them. Make coaster sets or something.

I’m working on the seventh one, as I sit and write this post. It’s very soothing and relaxing work, wrapping these discs and creating these striped designs and stuff. I have nothing but solid colored yarn right now, but I wonder how it would look with verigated and self-striping. I’ll have to ask mum if she’s got any scraps I can grab. I’m running low on my color variety. At any rate, I might mount these to a canvas or something. I honestly don’t know what to do with ’em. But it’s fun, and relaxing. And easy to do with a toddler running around.

I’ll post about this again when I figure out what’s next for these yarn disc things!



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