Lack of updates

I wish I could say my lack of updates was because of good stuff.

No oracle card for Tuesday because I was busy as hell Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday husband left for DragonCon. Wish I could say that has a happy ending, but it doesn’t. (He’s okay, so don’t think the worst!!!) I had panic attack that lasted 2 days culminating in a nervous breakdown and all-over body pain due to the stress, breakdown, panic attack, and at the same time taking care of my son. Husband came back Friday after getting everyone checked into their rooms. (He and his friend were doing roomshares to help pay for their own trip and rooms.)

Well, husband’s mom is moving back to Virginia, which is a good thing. She has surgeries she needs done, and is getting married to the love of her life in March, and she’s going to spend time with her mother, too. So that’s good! Well, she moved this past weekend, and my niece who was living with her wasn’t exacty the bet of help. So husband went to help her pack the moving truck Saturday and finished it up on Sunday.

I’ve also done a self-imposed social media blackout/hiatus. The stress of life was just really bad. This is resulting in spending a few hours tomorrow morning calling up various doctors to get appointments (the one who’s supposed to get me my MRI has been dicking around. So that’s been a pain in my ass for a bit now). And then off to physio tomorrow afternoon, which I can’t call and schedule a ride for because I forgot to do it.  Plus Southeast Trans and Comfort Care (the medicaid transport services) are being assholes and lying through their teeth saying I haven’t called to schedule my rides despite me having confirmation numbers and everything so… that’s a bitch to get sorted, too.

All in all, life’s a bitch right now. It’s getting sorted. But that’s why no posts or anything lately.


2 responses to “Lack of updates

  1. I was wondering why you hadn’t blogged. Sorry that things have been so rough lately. Did your husband have fun at Dragon Con? Maybe when your son gets bigger, you all can go. Here in Chatt-town, we have some Chattacon and Liberty Con. I’ve never been, but the hubby and I have friends who go.
    Hope this week is better for you.


    • What bit he did get to go to, he did have fun. Next year, if he decides to go again, my mom said he could go on 2 conditions.
      1 – she babysits for a week and will take a paid vacation time to do it.
      2 – he takes me with him because “i’m not putting up with that shit again.”
      Hopefully by that time next year, if husband does decide to go (after having to deal with stuff that the hotels messed up on, and his friend screwing up and around with the room payments he’s on the fence at the moment) I’ll have been seeing various doctors long enough to get my stuff straightened out. Second on the list is to find a new psychiatrist, which has been sorely needed but me being a stubborn bonehead decided “nah, i’m good.” (all of that is a post for another day. maybe even 2 posts, as it’s quite a long story from start to finish to be honest). So, getting my stuff straightened out won’t cause a problem next time. And if I do go, I likely won’t go to the con itself, but rather just stay in the hotel and do other stuff around atlanta. like museums and sight seeing and stuff that i’ve never gotten to do before/yet.
      But yeah, what bit he did get to go to, he had fun! (And brought me a sith lord lightsabre, too!)


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