I’ve given in and finally done it… Fiverr, Tumblr, and other things.

I’ve started charging for readings. Not much. Just putting my toes in the water at the moment via Fiverr. So expect a widget or something to pop up in my sidebar. As for life, the universe, and everything else things are going really well!

Also, my mother-in-law is getting divorced only so she can remarry! Her legal husband at the moment is an abusive asshole who tried to (and nearly succeeded in) kill her, and they’ve been separated for quite some time. Well she and the love of her life from when she was 16 have reconnected, and he proposed to her. So, she’s gonna marry him. She’s also going to be moving to Virginia. As for my niece, who currently lives with her… Well, we hope she can manage on her own. She’s going to be taking over my mother-in-law’s lease (already talked it over with their landlord, who is also our landlord) with a friend of her’s. Her friend has a job. My niece’s financials however…. not so great. We’ll see what happens. But I can guarantee, we WILL NOT take her in if she falls on her face. We just can’t do that again after what happened with my sister.

Also, I signed back up for Tumblr. However, it’s for a noble cause. A group of ethnic minority people and a rather diverse group have gotten together to make a blog addressing real social justice issues from the ethnic minority perspective. There isn’t much up yet, but here’s the link. Most of the mods on the blog are pretty young, which I’m glad to see. After getting to know this group of people over the last few days, and seeing them come together to make real positive change, I’m proud to be part of it. So click here and check us out. I’ll be putting a link in the sidebar with my other projects.

Physio’s been hard lately, but that’s the point. I came across the first exercise I could not complete yesterday. And it was hell. I HATE SIDE PLANKS. I know she’s gonna make me do them again Monday. UGH!

Also, readers, be prepared for bitchfits. Husband leaves for DragonCon next week. So… That’s gonna bloody well suck.

That’s all for now!


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