If only I could afford the drive.

Today, I had to get up early and do a bit of shopping. It’s that time of the month again…. FOOD DAY! So, mum wanted to make dinner, but I had physio today. Was planning on doing the food shopping afterwards. Well it’s a good thing I did some shopping earlier in the day because honestly, I feel like hell right now.

Physio went fine, but it was the transportation that was the issue here.

See, with all the recent car trouble, and the fact that the price of gas is still pretty pricey for those of us living off of a fixed income, I elected to take the free medicaid transportation service that comes with my health plan.

Usually they’re not so bad. I had one problem before, but it was a freak issue that nobody could see coming. Today, however… it was not so great.

I was picked up on time from my home, so that’s not the issue. My driver decided that rather than drop me off on his way to Calhoun to drop off another client, I was going to ride with him. They arrived 1 hour early for their appointment. I almost missed mine entirely. Thankfully the person who was scheduled after me had forgotten they had an appointment, so I was able to get worked back into the schedule.

30 minutes before the end of my appointment, the receptionist called them to come and get me, since usually it takes them 30-45 minutes to get there. Unfortunately, I was stuck waiting an additional 2 hours. PLUS the PT office CLOSED before the van got there. I was on the phone trying to find out where the hell my ride was when they pulled up. Myself, the receptionist, and my physical therapist all tried to call multiple times over the course of 1 hr and 45 minutes. Basically, when they were late, we started calling.

So, when I did finally get through to someone on the phone after the van at last arrived, needless to say I let them know EXACTLY how dissatisfied I was. And that I would be notifying Medicaid as well. The poor driver, it actually wasn’t HIS fault. He hadn’t actually been late. See, he was a driver they called in on his day off at the last second to mop up a bit of a mess another driver (the one I was originally supposed to be riding with) left behind…. because he walked off the job. Turned in his van and walked out. So his entire load was being picked up by all the other drivers who already had full loads, and then they had to call in about 4 extra drivers to pick up those who got bumped off and forgotten because of it.

In the end, I basically gave them the riot act, warned them not to fuck me up tomorrow, and went ahead and notified Medicaid that they keep messing up. Not that it’ll do anything or fix anything.

However, there is ONE benefit to this – the company they subcontract through make a list of people who complain nice and loud. The people on that list tend to get preferential treatment because the company doesn’t want to deal with their complaints. So there’s at least one positive.


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