A Word to the Wise: Appendix

So, anyone remember that near solid week of posting I did where I was kicking out my oldest sister for being a lazy bum and sponging off me, my hubby, and my mom? And all of that mess? No? Well here’s the link to ALL of that mess so you can catch up.

Moving on!

Here is likely my last post on the subject (how many times have I said that now?) of my oldest sister. Today, hubby received a call from her probation officer… asking for her. He called back, noticing the missed call was from the probation office. So he left a message. Then he got around to listening to the voicemail. And boy, that was fun. He called back, left a message saying she didn’t live here nor use that number.

This afternoon, her probation officer (White, or Wiley, or something with a W. We’ll just call him Officer W. from this point on okay) called him back. In hubby’s message he left, the second one directly to Officer W.’s number, he stated that the last known address of my sister was Bartow Motel. Apparently, sister checked out sometime on Wednesday. None have seen or heard from her since. Well, not that we know of anyway. Hubby talked with him a bit, unsure exactly what was said (as I was on FB at the time and watching my kid, and basically just dicking around on the laptop when I should have been working on my projects) but what I DO know is that he did tell Officer W. that my sister was pushing hard for us to get her into The Guest House, so to check there. He also told Officer W. about the mysterious boyfriend we’ve never met nor seen. That all we know is they’d meet up at the library, he had a truck of some sort, and his name was Jamie (but sister called him Jimmy. Likely to bug me and my hubby, as that’s hubby’s name as well). But again, we’ve never met nor seen this guy. He’s never come to pick her up from the house or drop her off (that we have seen). In all honesty, we don’t even know if this guy even exists. So, that said, hubby told Officer W. it might be a long shot, but she does still legally have a husband. So try asking him. We don’t have contact, but know where he lives. So, we told Officer W. his address. Stated again it was a long shot, but we honestly don’t have any other information as to where she is, could be, or what’s happened to her.

As for the letter we received in the mail after she left, the one that was sent from the probation office itself and post-marked the day she left my home, we now know what it was, as hubby had asked and Officer W. told him what it was. It was a letter stating that her probation officer needed to see her in person, and that she needed to come to the office. Hubby was able to find out that much.

So, if anything develops further, I suppose I’ll write up another post, or add on to this one or something I guess. Anyway, that’s the end of the saga as far as I know.


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