Moving on, and finally enjoying my home again.

So anyone following along the blog for the last week-ish would know I’ve had to pitch my oldest sister out on her ass for being… well… herself. Well, that nightmare is over and life is slowly getting back to normal. The neighbors are less assholey lately, my living-room is clean, and once the rest of my house is clean I’ll be bringing my mother-in-law over for dinner one night. We’ve lived in this house for a year, but she has yet to come and visit us. Usually due to health issues on her end, but sometimes due to my assholey sister.

The first time I ever had a meal in my mother-in-law’s house, it was a family dinner night. So my future hubby’s sister was there, her boyfriend, her kids, her kids’ friends, and a few others. Along with a couple who were, quite frankly, more trouble than they were worth. Since it was Family Dinner Night, they had made a special family dish: puncit. It’s a Filipino dish that is very veggie heavy, usually served with noodles. Well, future mother-in-law had remembered I’d mentioned something about having to eat gluten and wheat free, so she had gone to the extra trouble of fixing rice as well as noddles, so I could eat some too.

Well, I hope to have her over before the end of the month for dinner. My niece, too, if she likes. But mainly my mother-in-law. Because I want her to see our home, finally clean, and put back in order. I want her to come to dinner, so I can make her a special dish I only make for people I like and love. And the last person I made it for didn’t exactly appreciate it. But anyway, here’s my son enjoying our clean and reclaimed living room!


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