Word to the Wise: OPERATION CLEANUP – DAY 1

First, I’d like to remind everyone, my comic posted today over on it’s blog, so if you want a chuckle or corny jokes, go there at some point today. Link in the sidebar.

Now then, today is Day 1 of OPERATION CLEANUP.

So far the casualties are:

  • 2 end tables – mold/mildew – trash
  • 1 infant’s walker – mold/mildew – trash
  • 1 mirror – left behind – donate
  • 4 pillows – mold/mildew – trash
  • 4 blankets – mold/mildew – trash
  • 1 pillowcase – mold/mildew – trash
  • 1 crate – mildew – possibly salvagable
  • 3 books – mold/mildew – trash
  • 1 box magazines – unknown – possibly partially salvagable
  • 1 wooden trunk, green + contents – mold/mildew on outside only – COMPLETELY SAVED
  • 3 throw pillows for sofa – mold/mildew/unknown – trash

So far, I’ve had to vacuum my living room 4 times in 1 spot (where the sofa sits), and have treated the carpet with foaming cleaner and hydrogen peroxide. Vacuumed to get up as much wetness as possible, scented powder now down to pick up the rest. Currently waiting for that right now.

In the kitchen, still a mess. Removed 1 set of shelves that will be broken down and thrown away. It’s in no way salvageable, and doesn’t even have a back on it anyway. So, it’s gone.

Side note: Will probably see our spider problem start to lessen up, as I believe message has now not only been received but understood. Also, now I can go grocery shopping and NOT have to put my son’s name on his own damn food. So yay! Now here’s some pics of my livingroom all cleaned up! (Compared to the MESS it was in this post here. Pictures at the end of that particular post.)


My livingroom now. (Pardon the drying rack in the corner.)


My livingroom now. Yay! I can finally reach my bookshelf!!!


My livingroom now. Yay! We have space to eat at the table again! Now if only we had enough chairs…


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