A Word to the Wise: The End.

Well. To those following along the drama and chaos of which I have been blogging about this weekend… It is finally over. The nightmare ends. My life, our lives, are our own once again. And I have finally been able to relax this evening for the first time in months. Truly relax.

My mother this morning took me to pick up the moving truck. After dropping me off, she took my sister around town, first to The Guest House, where they learned that the entire time they were jerking our chains. Not surprising, and totally expected actually. My mother MADE my sister stand there and listen to it, too. To prove that we have, in fact, done everything in our power to fulfill the request. THEN my mom took her around town to wherever she could to unload her freeloading ass. Finally, she landed at Bartow Motel. Admittedly, that particular place is regularly raided for prostitution and drugs, but hey, it’s conveniently located near the sherriff’s department and the county jail, so at least it wouldn’t be too far of a walk home for her if necessary.

Anyway, so when I got home, I texted my mom to let her know the truck was ready, but I wouldn’t be loading it until she and my sister got back. Mom texted me back that sister said I could load her belongings onto the front porch. So I went through my bathroom, where she had left a few items (she’s famous for leaving a few things in there so she has a reason to go back inside and fuck with stuff), and then went through my kitchen, pulling all of THAT first so she would have no reason to go deeper into my home unless she had to legitimately pee.

She got back shortly after I had started loading my porch, and set right to work getting her stuff into the truck. In an hour, we were ready to go. I stopped by the gas station to get myself a drink and told her to go inside and buy food for herself. Back on the road, I offered to take her to the grocery store that was on the way. I offered three times. Each time she declined. We arrived at her new place and I made her unload everything herself. I got up in the truck and pushed everything to the front. She left some boxes, so I told her they would be dumped off somewhere. Either trashed or Goodwill, whichever one I came to first. She said she understood. I said any furnature she left behind would meet the same fate. She said she understood.

She tried to hug me, I told her if she touched me I would call the police.

Everything was over and done with in time for me to get home, get some food, a shower, and head off to physical therapy.

From this point on, I let nature take it’s course as it always does. She is gone. She is out of my life.

And now my family can get back to normal, and I can clean my house.

I’ll buy a smudging kit in a few days and get rid of all the bad juju next.

So, in the end, if anyone wishes to take a lesson from this…. if taking in someone is unavoidable, make sure they don’t start getting mail at your house by getting them a P.O. Box, and never EVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow them to have anything to do with anything requiring your home address being anywhere near any official paperwork. EVER. And ALWAYS draw up a lease, make them sign and date it, stating that they will be out of your home in 89 days, and that if they violate any of the terms of the lease, you (the landlord in this instance) have the right to have them removed from the premises. Remember, NO MAIL TO ESTABLISH RESIDENCE. And stay there NO MORE THAN 89 DAYS OTHERWISE RESIDENCE IS ESTABLISHED ANYWAY.


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