A Word to the Wise: Extended Cut

So, continuing on in this series of posts about my sister, in which I am documenting my sister’s stay in my home, as well as her departure.

Yesterday, it was supposed to be resolved. However, the room at The Guest House, where she is requesting, will not have a room ready until HOPEFULLY today. The ONE room they have had come open suddenly needed a LOT of work done to it. In the meantime, we’ve been calling around town trying to find out if there is anywhere else with a room open.

One place I called this morning, The Crown Inn, has a room. Unfortunately not for an entire week. The conversation went thusly:

Me: Hi, do you have any rooms available?

Phone Guy: Oh yes yes yes. $45.

Me: For a week?

Phone Guy: Oh no no no. We no have room. Call back Monday. *click*

So my mom called Efficiency Lodge this morning. They don’t have anything open at the moment, but my mom was told to call back at Noon, because that is check-out time, and something might come open then. Unfortunately, noon is when I go to pick up the truck.

You see, yesterday there was a snafu with the U-Haul truck. It was booked for the wrong date. In my haste to get this over and done with, I booked it for the correct day, just the wrong date. Got that straightened out, thank goodness. But now we sit with no idea where to take the bitch and her shit. I’ve got a truck pick-up at noon for a full 24 hours (after the woman at the truck place heard my story, which I tried not to tell, she gave me an extended reservation for no extra cost. But I couldn’t take yet ANOTHER thing going wrong yesterday during all of this mess. So I burst into tears and told her EVERYTHING.) When I got done there and called a cab, I was waiting for nearly an hour. Finally, stressed and paranoid, I started hoofin it home. Got about 1/3rd of the way there before I collapsed and had to call my mom to pick me up. I just couldn’t take the thought of my family alone in the house with my sister any longer than necessary. The cab was taking FOREVER. And I just freaking snapped.

Today, the plan is to pick up the truck. I’ve got physio today at 3, which I CANNOT CANCEL AGAIN. If I do, it might get dropped and have to start the process all over again. But the fact is, this bullshit is now affecting my medical care. We will have the truck for 24 hours, so the truck will be here in case of emergency while I am out. So, we’re calling different places around town trying to find an open room for the week. Because honestly, we can’t take it anymore. We’re calling Efficiency back around noon. I’m calling Guest House at 1pm to check on the goddamned carpet job. Gonna have to physically go down to Bartow Motel to find anything out, and Crown Inn is only renting rooms to prozzies at the moment so…. yeah. Sitting in the Extended Cut holding pattern right now. And will have 24 hours to get this shit said and done.

Also, sister supposedly has a job. She starts at 6 tonight. Supposedly. Hate to say it, but I’m actually looking into this to see if it’s legit or not.

EDIT FOR DOCUMENTATION: 10:56AM, August 5th, 2015 – Mom went to tell sister the current options available to us at the moment due to various room availabilities (or lack thereof) around town. Sister had a meltdown/blow up. Came into my bedroom ranting and raving. I now have my computer webcam recording. My mother has (I hope) taken my sister from the home to go around to the different places to get her a room somewhere. I am recording for my and my family’s protection at this point. Hopefully I can keep it recording all day and the entire time until this is over. I will be uploading the video footage to a secure server that I can access on other computers to ensure I have access in case something happens to my computer.

EDIT FOR DOCUMENTATION: 11:00AM, August 5th, 2015 – Mom will take me to get truck as planned. She will drive my sister around to find a place. That way I don’t have to. If for some reason mom can’t then she will draw up rules and have her sign them for the period until she is out of my house. I am leaving my computer recording.


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