Word to the Wise: The Light is Dim and Flickering, but Still Mostly There

So, in the previous posts leading to this one, (I’ll come up with a special category for it all to link to probably after it’s all over) I’ve detailed my experience in dealing with my sister this last weekend.

In my last post, I stated that there is a plan of action currently which involves me getting and paying for a moving truck, and paying the first week’s rent in a pay-by-week place for my sister. The place she specially requested in her written statement saying that she will vacate my home, if we 1) pay first week’s rent and 2) pay to have her belongings transported, currently does not have a room available. She refuses to go anywhere else, ranting and shouting about how she cannot get anywhere. How the only other option she has would require walking 7 miles to get any food. There is one other option we COULD have gone with, however she refuses to go anywhere other than where she requested. I have myself clocked the distances from the alternative residence to the major points of interest. To Walmart (the nearest store) it is 3 miles. To McDonald’s, the furthest fast food place from the residence, it is 3 miles. The nearest gas station, as well as Waffle House restaurant is 1.5 miles. The interstate is 1.7 miles. The location of her “job” (unconfirmed if she actually has one) is 3.2 miles. All are perfectly reasonable distances to travel on foot. My sister, other than being a smoker, is actually quite healthy enough to walk such distances. I myself at nearly 300lbs walked up and down hill for 9 miles a day for a period of 6 months in order to look for work, with no aid of public transport nor cabs. Her chief reason for NOT being willing to walk to anything that she would need is that she “doesn’t want to end up like my brother” (my brother was hit and killed by a teenage driver who was texting and speeding outside our local hospital in January 2014).

Basically, she was told to her face no one would care if that happened to her. Legitimately, this is the absolute truth. She has burned so many bridges and hurt so many people due to her recklessness and selfishness that not even her own eldest daughter would actually care. And that’s just well and truly sad. But it is the truth.

In any case, in her “letter” which I will be able to read eventually after this is all over, she has specially requested one specific residence location, so I have called. I have done my best to arrange it for her, however there is still no guarantee that the ONE room that MIGHT come open today will even be available. There is no guarantee. So today’s plan of action is on shaky ground. And I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen. I just want it all to be over. Done with. The end.

I want my family’s life back. I want MY life back.

EDIT FOR DOCUMENTATION: 12:24PM; August 4th, 2015 – The “Letter”. My mother has shown me the letter, and I have recorded video for documentation about said letter, highlighting the following points:

1) In my sister’s own hand, she acknowledges that I will be viewing the letter.

2) In my sister’s own hand, she has given written statement that she will leave the premises.

3) In my sister’s own hand, in the written statement that she will leave the premises, she gives the option for having her leave without any more fuss, or to have her leave with more fuss. The statement in her own hand reads “If you can do The Guest House instead of Efficiency, and get me there, Ill go with no further fuss.”

4) The statement “If you can” gives us the option to get her into her preferred place or the alternative of Efficiency. Definition of the word CAN, in this context, as follows:


5) The statement “If you can do The Guest House instead of Efficiency, and get me there, Ill go with no further fuss.” is not a question. It is a statement. As such it shall be handled like one, should the need arise that we must present this evidence before an officer of the law or a court.

6) The video I have made documenting the letter has been safely uploaded to a private location not on my computer, should something happen to my computer between now and when it may be needed. It will be held there in safe keeping to ensure I will have access to it at a later date if necessary.


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