A Word to the Wise: There’s a Light at the End of This Tunnel

In my previous post, I documented the events of yesterday evening and last night of the current situation we are in with my sister. And in the post before that, I detailed events leading up to the current situation with my sister.

This morning, I woke to find my mother sitting in our green chair at the end of my bed. Apparently in the night, my sister had left a note on my mom’s door for her to find this morning when she came home from work. I have not read this letter (yet) but my mother states it starts off like a smartass but quickly loses it’s bluster.

In it, I am told (and will later edit/update this post with confirmations after I have read the letter), that my sister will indeed leave if my mother pays for 1 week’s rent somewhere, and that she will leave without making a fuss. At some point in the letter she attempts to guilt trip my mother once again, stating that (and I’m paraphrasing) “[she] just wants her momma, but understands if she has to side with [us]”.

The fact of the matter is, my mother wants her out of our house just as much as we do. In fact, moreso. To the extent that  all photographs of my sister and her children have been removed from our home and destroyed.

All items, save for a choice few baby toys that my son has become attached to, are going to be going with her when she leaves. I am going to call one of the pay by the week places today that we have chosen, for it will be close to the job my sister claims to have gotten at a nail salon, to find out what furniture if any she is allowed to bring there. I am going to make it clear that what is left behind will be taken to the Goodwill, and we will not store any of her items for her. It all must go, either with her or to donation. Period. These are the terms that I am going to put forth.

In the meantime, assuming all goes as planned, I will not need to call my landlord into this and we will be rid of this plague that has been flopping in my living room. If things do not go as planned tomorrow, then my landlord has already stated to give them a call and they will advise me on how to proceed with the legal eviction.

Edit for documentation purposes: 10:31AMl; August 3rd, 2015 – Just after I hit publish, my sister came to me with $1 and asked if she could have some pads. I stated that they are in the restroom and do not have a name on them. She is free to use them. I did not accept the money.

Edit for documentation purposes: 12:58PM; August 3rd, 2015 – Sister came to me to apologize. Apology not accepted. Stated that I will be going to the place chosen for her to stay, and will get the first week paid for her. Informed her I have reserved a truck from a local U-Haul storage facility for 2:15PM tomorrow afternoon (the earliest possible time) and the truck will be available for 4 hours. Also informed her that anything remaining of her belongings in the home or in the truck WILL be taken to Goodwill for donation. Informed her we are NOT a storage unit. Informed her that after tomorrow, she is never to approach any of us again. She is no longer welcome in any household of ours. She simply will no longer exist after tomorrow. I offered to pay for the toys which my son has become attached to, offer was refused. I will be taking her to pawn shops today to sell whatever she wishes to sell. She will load the items and unload the items from my vehicle, as I legally cannot touch her possessions at this point. She offered to give me $20 out of whatever she receives. I refused the offer on the grounds that I do not wish to take money she will need to buy her own food and personal care items as well as pay her rent. I informed her that the food in the kitchen without names is available for consumption, it simply requires cooking it.


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