A Word to the Wise: The Nightmare Continues

In my last post, I detailed a situation we are dealing with concerning my older sister. This is a continuation, here on the same day as my previous post.

My sister returned to my home between 8PM and 9PM this evening. My mother demanded that we be given my son’s 2 strollers. After arguing, my sister complied. My mother also requested that as my sister is going through the house, not to slam all of the doors. It is unknown as of yet if she will comply, as she has not passed through the back end of the house to go into the kitchen or the bathroom.

My sister also stated that if my mother would pay for 1 week’s rent somewhere, then my sister would leave. All of her belongings would go with her. The catch was that we had to move her things, and pay for that first week’s rent. She would not return, and would be gone for good.

After going back and forth (my mother and me) it was agreed that my mother would pay the week’s rent, and that my husband and I would pay for the truck to get her belongings out, so that all of her belongings would go in one single trip. I stated that I wanted this agreement in writing, and to be signed. I do not trust her to go back on her word.

My mother informed her that yes, she will pay for a week’s rent, and that all of her belongings would be going with her in a single trip. She stated that the day this would all happen would be Tuesday, giving us time to locate a place of residence, secure payment for it, and to rent a truck with which to transport my sister’s belongings. My sister began to argue. I do not know exactly what transpired, as neither me nor my husband was in the room at the time.

My sister stated that if she had to leave, then my mother would be required to go to the court house and sign documents stating that she would have no contact with my sister, and any of her children. This documentation would also strip her of any rights she as as my sister’s children’s grandmother. My mom said “If that’s what you people” and could say no more.

Immediately my sister verbally attacked her, mocked her, at which point the deal was off of the table, as it was clear my sister had no intention of following through with it. My sister claimed it would cost us $750 to evict her. To my knowledge, there are no lawyers open on the weekends here, and I know for a fact that she did not speak to anyone at the Magistrate Court in her time out of my home because it is not open on the weekends. She left yesterday, and returned this evening.

She also claimed to have “papers” from a doctor stating that she needs rest, and had been seen to receive a tetanus shot and fluids. My mother requested to see the documents as evidence of her claim. My sister refused, then shouted at her to produce the eviction papers, knowing full well we cannot do so, as again, the Magistrate Court is closed on the weekends. I am looking into any possible way to legally find out if my sister had been to the ER or not, as there are no doctors in this area who are open on Saturdays or Sundays. Chances are I won’t be able to find out, but it’s worth a try.

Also, we are going to do this by the book, and therefore cannot simply “hand her” the eviction paperwork, as to do so will invalidate it by a claim of her never receiving it. We are going to have them officially served, with a receipt of which she must sign, that way the proper documentation of “personal service” is available for Magistrate as proof that the process has started, and evidence that she either recieved the notice or not. Even if she is not home to sign for it, and none of us will sign it for her, then the proof is still available that the attempt to notify her through the proper channels had been made, and our behinds are covered in that respect. Since this is Georgia, this process is long and arduous.

There is another avenue we may pursue, however I will not speak of that at this time in the off chance that my sister has been able to find my blog. Trust me, it’s entirely possible. But the alternative avenue is also one that can legally be taken by us, and will be held in reserve if necessary.

I will be speaking with my landlord in the morning for advice and guidance in how to proceed with this process, as I’m sure she has had to deal with this type of situation, or something similar, more than once in her line of work.

There is a third option as well, again I will not be discussing it here. However, I will know whether or not it is even an option after tomorrow.


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