When it rains, it pours. So this must be a Hurricane (Or at least a Tropical Storm)

So. This last week. This last week has been HELL WEEK. I mean pure and utter hell.

Let’s start with Friday night.

Sunday night, I get a call from my mom not 5 minutes after she’s left for work. The car is giving her trouble, but she’s gonna try to make it to work. She’ll call me if anything happens. Five minutes after that, she calls me. Car’s started making noises. Power steering giving her a bit of trouble. Five minutes AFTER that (So a total of 15 minutes after leaving the house) she calls again. The car has overheated. It’s broken down. The silver lining? It’s broken down in a safe place with plenty of light in the neighborhood she works in. Just inside the entrance of the subdivision so it’ll be easy to spot from a tow-truck. I catch a cab, head out there, and deal with getting it towed to my house.

Then Monday, I spent all day waiting for the tow truck again to have it towed off to my mechanic. I get it fixed. But the breaks need work next. I didn’t have the money. Wouldn’t have it till Wednesday.

Meanwhile last Thursday, the day before all of this began, my son gets this hellish rash. This hellish rash that no matter what we do won’t go away, and I’ve got no way short of dialing 911 to get him to the doctor. Could be a food allergy, could be triggered by the carpet, could be anything. But he’s not got a fever. Next morning, it looked like it was going away. So, for the duration of the following week, I’m also worrying and trying to deal with this.

So also Monday morning, my sister’s freaking out. I basically read her the riot act, and make it clear she’s got to get her shit together because if the car can’t get fixed, then everyone’s fucked. Mom loses her job, and the family has to go where we know we can support ourselves on just my hubby’s disability check – Atlanta. (He’s got a lot of friends there, some of whom own and rent out properties. We’ve already spoken with them a few times, and just in case we need, they’ll cut us a good deal on rent. They’re also very connected so they’d help out with transportation sometimes as well as jobs and such.) Anyway, I pretty much told her that if that happened, she’d be on her own because we CANNOT support her anymore. Period. We just don’t have the money to do it anymore. That day she started filling out job applications. First time in months she’s finally done any.

So, Tuesday I had physical therapy. Wednesday, hubby had preop appointment for a procedure today (Friday). Literally as we are pulling up to the house, the brakes give out. Well, mom got paid that day as well so I was able to get the work done. Our mechanic is so awesome he took me home, and then stayed late to get the car fixed again, THEN came and picked me up! Just to save me cab fare AND to make sure my mom had her car for work that night. Such a sweetie. Unfortunately, in order to deal with all of that, I had to cancel my physical therapy that day.

So YESTERDAY, I was FINALLY able to get my son to the doctor for that hellish rash. Diagnosis: eczema. He’s now officially diagnosed with it. Not happy that he’s got it, but it wasn’t unexpected (the chances of getting it increase DRASTICALLY when one or both parents have it. So, he was doomed from conception on that one. We’ve just been waiting for when it would pop up). Well, yesterday morning, under all the stress, I finally snapped and lost my shit. Let’s just say it started a chain reaction that we’re still dealing with the fallout. At this point I just want my sister to get a job so she can support herself and get the hell outta our house. Anyway, had physical therapy about an hour after my son’s doctor appointment, and they’re in the same parking lot (different building). We ended up going to get some lunch at a nearby McDonalds between appointments.

And today…. Today, my husband is having a procedure done today. Lipoma removal. Doctor says it’s standard and normal procedure, but with my family and his family, hell, it always has a weird thing going on with it. Though I’m confident it’ll all go smooth and normal. Gonna get him some food on the way home, too. Poor man hasn’t eaten since about 8pm last night. He couldn’t even have a glass of water this morning.


2 responses to “When it rains, it pours. So this must be a Hurricane (Or at least a Tropical Storm)

  1. Ugh, sounds awful!
    How old is your sister? Too old to be mooching off you and your husband, I assume. I hope she gets a job soon. That’s gotta be an awkward and draining situation for you.
    Did your husband’s lipoma removal go OK?
    I hope next week is immensely better for you and your family.


    • The removal went fine. He’s really feelin it now, though. Not supposed to lift more than 10 pounds and no strenuous physical activity for a week. Unfortunately, not quite as planned. Sister, who’s 36 and yes is more than old enough to know better, pulled some shit and threatened to call DCFS and have my kid taken away. More on that in another post probably tomorrow. Let’s just say, the cops weren’t buying her story when we had to call them out a second time in less than an hour.
      I hope next week is better as well. Not counting on it, but I can hope! Things really won’t get settled down at all until after she’s out of my house though.

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