I have a list.

I have a list. A list I am not proud of having, but a list nonetheless.

It is a list of names. Names of people whom have been seen to do nefarious things, and have been sketchy at the very least while ruining lives at the very worst.

This list of names includes people I have crossed keyboards with, and people I have not. This list of names includes relatively well known people in the pagan community, and people of little consequence.

This list of names is going to be transformed into a series of blog posts exposing scammers, frauds, and potentially dangerous people.

I didn’t choose to do this lightly. It took a lot of thought. It has been an idea that has been stewing in my head for months, ever since the ACOW2015 situation.

My chosen spiritual path highly values knowledge and information. Knowledge is power, information is the tool. With that tool, one can illuminate Truth in any darkness. Truth, above all, is what we living things strive for. What we wish to achieve. And Truth is different for everyone and everything. Using knowledge and information enables us to become one with the Universe, that which creates us and destroys us. This is my Truth.

That said, at this time I have come to realize that to gather information, and refuse to use it for the betterment of others, is a crime not against my beliefs. It is a crime against human kind. If I know something, if I see or hear something, and my inaction results in someone coming to harm, well I can no longer idly stand by and allow such things to come to pass.

Therefore, I have chosen to use the knowledge I have gained. And unfortunately, this seems to be the subject matter that keeps being placed before me. For months I have tried to actively avoid it when at all possible. But… It keeps getting placed in my path. And in some cases, my silence may have contributed to the outcome. Therefore, I’m going to re-do my Calling Out Assholes idea into a new project. Pagan Community Watch (P.C.W.) where I am to present factual information about people, organizations, scams, frauds, etc. that have a negative impact on the Pagan Communities. I will be using real testimonials from people I am interviewing. I am going to use screenshots, archived links, active links when possible, and as much tangible evidence as I can. I am going to do write-ups in warning against the subjects I write about. And it’s my hope that maybe, just maybe, if causes someone to reconsider calling that sketchy looking coven on Craigslist, or gives them the ability and information they need to stand up against someone in authority who may be attempting to use their beliefs to take advantage of them.

I have a list to start with. A list of people and organizations that I have encountered in the last 6 months, all of which I have seen with my own eyes evidence of wrongdoing and deception from.

I can stay silent no more. I must speak out. I may not have much, but I have a blog. And I know how to use it.


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