Weekly Oracle

It occurs to me that I should do something with my oracle cards and various decks more often. This idea comes to me mainly because despite putting my decks away, they keep getting pulled off the shelf. By my son. Who then decides he’s going to chew on them. Repeat.

Of all the things on my wonderful shelf, and oh there’s a LOT of books and things that are much better for a toddler cutting teeth to chew on, he always goes for the same two decks. Two of my personal favorites, actually. By my favorite deck creator. He’s been doing this for a few weeks now. Bypassing literally an entire room full of stuff and taking these two specific items off the bookshelf. I’ve tried moving them to another location. That didn’t help. I tried putting them on a higher shelf, he got his drum and stood on it to get to them.

Okay Universe, message received. I just didn’t want to do the work is all.

So, I’ll be doing that then. Expect to see the first one pop on Tuesday. I’m going to do them every Tuesday.

So, that’ll be my comic on Thursdays, over on it’s page. And Cards on Tuesday here. I’ll think of something to do on Saturdays. That sounds like a bit of fun I think.


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