Working on something big, and other stuff.

Life is odd sometimes.

Today, I was going to my first physical therapy appointment. I am 2 weeks behind on where I should be with that. Unfortunately, the day after I went to the doctor about my knee, my son started to get sick. Then when he started getting better, I got sick. Didn’t finally start feeling better from that until the middle of last week. So I called and made my appointment, but they couldn’t see me until this week, and on Thursday (today). Well, this morning I get a phone call from the physio office stating that there was a massive car accident right outside their office, and it has ended up cutting off their power. No access to the computers, files, etc. So, they would have to reschedule once the receptionist arrived at another, further away office. So, I’ll be going in on Monday afternoon unless some other act of the gods happens.

The important thing about this is that I have to go to 2 sessions for 2 weeks (4 sessions total) in order for my insurance to approve of an MRI for my knee, so that I can get the formal diagnosis I need for treatment of said knee. It’s arthritis, my doctor and I both already agree on that. It’s osteo. The cartilage in my knee is disintegrating, and if I don’t try to do something about it now, it’ll be much worse for me later down the line. Later down the line, I may not have the medical coverage to help me out. It’s bad enough already that some days I can’t walk because my knee tries to overextend and I damn near collapse. The pain, when it flares, is bad enough they put me on Tramedol (a morphine derivative) 50mg twice a day as needed. Unfortunately, I can only take it at night because during the day, I have to be alert and functional to take care of my son. So I’m poppin Tylenol all day like it’s candy, which is already having an effect on my liver. My doctor wants to run a more in-depth blood panel on my liver. So that’s gonna be fun.

giphyNow then, that’s my health stuff. Other than that, things are going really great. I’m getting some writing done. I’m also working on a big post. A Calling Out Assholes level of post. But it’s going to be a while yet. I’m waiting to get more information on a wider range of incidents involving the person. The only clue I’ll give you is a gif from True Blood. And my comic started posting this morning, so you can check that out if you like.

In other news, my mom bought my son seasons 1 and 2 of Spongebob this morning. Finally, episodes I have yet to see a billion times! (Yet, at any rate.) She also bought me some new Spongebob pjs which are rather comfortable. My top matches one of my son’s shirts, so next time I go out and take him along, we’ll wear them together. It’ll be so cute! She also bought him some new shirts and a pair of jean shorts.

I’m thinking about using Skype more often. But I’m not sure in what capacity to do so.


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