Just some stuff.

halloween2011_asianboyI’m trying to get my projects back in order. I realized with my last post that I really need to find a good balance, not just of my time, but of my well-being. Part of this, as everyone knows, is having hobbies. My hobbies have gone by the wayside in the wake of childbirth and homemaking. I haven’t worked on my fanfiction stories since about Christmastime. I haven’t drawn any comics in so long I’ve lost the scripts for the second half of the story I was working on (It was a good one, too. Halloween themed, with Doctor Who costumes and a boy dressed as a TARDIS. I’ll include it in this post for shits and giggles). And I want to get back to doing the audio rambles thing.

So, first order of business, get my house back in order.

Second order of business, MAKE THE TIME for me time. It’s not about “finding the time” because if I continued to do so, I would never find the time. So I have to MAKE IT.

Third order of business, MAKE THE TIME for couple time. It’ll help my relationship which, in all honesty, has been rather rocky since I had the baby over a year ago. We fight more often, and it can get explosive (don’t worry, not violent. Just a lot of harsh yelling and shouting that after the fact we realize is foolish, but also is a symptom of other problems we are having with communication and lack thereof). Nothing that can’t be worked on! Since realizing this problem (communication issues) we’re having, things have gotten better, but not where we’d like them to be. Hence, we need more couple time to sit and talk, spend time as husband and wife rather than mom and dad.

That said, I’ve made some pretty big steps on the hobby front in the last week. I finished writing a fanfiction chapter when I was sick, and have posted it today. I’ve been doing minor editing updates on my comics so they can be posted on their own wordpress blog. And I’m contemplating changing the theme of this blog once again. I like this one, but while looking around at different themes for the comic one, I found a few I would like to try on for size.


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