The To-Do List…

Crowley and DIck make a contract. - Supernatural, season 7

Crowley and Dick make a contract. – Supernatural, season 7

The never ending To-Do List. We all have them. Unfortunately, mine comes in multiples. I have to tape them up on the walls of the rooms they are for. Otherwise I’d be walking around with a super long scroll like Crowley making a deal with the Leviathan named Dick. No, seriously, the damned list never ends, and only gets added to.

So, I break it down. Room by room. My kitchen list is half done. My living room list likely won’t get touched until closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m bouncing between my bedroom and my kitchen list. My husband’s work area gets done “when he feels like getting to it” (even though we all know it needs to be done, organized, and dealt with ASAP). And then there’s the bathroom.

We do not discuss the bathroom.

There are spiders in there. And they don’t look like Peter Parker, that’s for damn sure.

But then there’s the other non-chore To-Do Lists. Like the books I want to read, the movies I want to see, the stories I want to write, the places I want to go. Sadly, the “Fun” list gets pushed aside in favor of the daily chore lists. Because hey, that’s what happens when you settle down and have a kid. It’s not all boring and time consuming and horrid though. Some of the chores I actually enjoy! Such as cooking. And I used to abhor vacuuming, but now I like it. I let my kid run around on the floor while I do it (most of the time. Sometimes there’s just too much on the floor and I can’t let him roam around safely till I’m done.). He chases the vacuum, the vacuum chases him. They both make “vroom!” noises. And sometimes the dog gets in on it, too.

And I do get to do fun stuff, too. Just not as often as I’d like. It’s hard to balance the fun and the chores when one feels so overwhelming. There’s just so much to do, so many hours in the day, and so much time I can split between watching my kid and doing housework.

Best cut this short, he just learned to turn the knobs on the door, and he’s giving the one to the living room the side-eye. The sneaky git.


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