Happy Belated 4th to my USA friends, and by the gods just let me die (I’ve caught the stomach bug)

fireworks-oSo, happy belated Fourth of July to my American readers. I was going to make a post that day, but my kid was sick. I was going to make a post the next day, but then I got sick. So have a gif of fireworks as apology for the very much belated well wishes of celebration.

As I said, I’ve caught the stomach bug. There’s a rather nasty one going around my county at the moment, which my son picked up from the doctor’s office when I took him in for a follow up on some rather nasty big bites he got from a mosquito last week. Turns out he’s pretty much allergic to anything that bites with the exception of chiggers, which is kind of funny, since that’s mostly what we have in our yard. Anyway, he picked up a right nasty bug. He was throwing up for 2 days, had a near hospital visit level fever (which we were able to thankfully bring back down) and is still having the occasional diarrhea.

On July 5th, both my mother and I got nailed with the bug as my son was just starting to get better. Violent vomiting. And… uh…. let’s just say we were wishing for death by day 2. My sister, who lives with us currently, was out for the weekend with her good friend. So my husband was left to care for me, my mom, and my kid, and the dog (who wasn’t sick, she was just there and a dog). I had to go out to the store, since i was the least affected (I won this title by eating a saltine cracker and keeping it down past 5 minutes) to buy Pepto, Imodium, Gatorade, lactose-free milk (for my son), Pedialite, and assorted other goodies for the stomach bug (aka “Oh gods please just kill me now!” and “oh just let me die!”).

So the next day, I had to make a run to the laundromat. Because my son shit on everything. There’s no nice way to say that. I suppose I could say “poo” but…. that just doesn’t do justice to the level of mess there was. Of everything on my bed, only one blanket and a handful of pillows survived the sewage explosion. So, I washed the stuff. The first load I could easily just hang around the house to dry, but the second load was a heavy blanket, sheets, and the items that took the most damage. I loaded these things into the wash, turned it on, and then settled in to watch the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. Unfortunately I didn’t see the end and when I came to about 45 minutes later…. the washer had stopped. Not only that, but it had stopped mid-cycle and full of water.


David Suchet as Hercule Poirot – Image via Wikipedia.

So I basically said fuck it, I’ll deal with it later, and went back to bed to settle in and fell asleep again. Woke up, tried the washer again, and it was working. Went to the laundromat not long after that. Had to pick up a few things at the store for my son, but other than that, yesterday went alright. Today, however, I am exhausted. Fighting the stomach bug after everyone else has turned the corner. Weak, with a massive headache and all my joints are stiff. And I can’t take one of my pain pills for my knee, which has been killing me to walk on or even bend for the last few days. The only things getting me through at the moment are Gatorade, saltines, and my mum’s Poirot DVDs.


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