Rainbows! Rainbows EVERYWHERE!

And for good reason! As many have no doubt heard already, today is the day that the Supreme Court of the United States declared that it’s fucking ridiculous that one group of people can get married and one group can’t just because people don’t like it. So they went and fixed that niggling little issue.

As a bisexual, I am so thrilled that my country finally allows same-sex marriages nationwide! Yes, I am married to a man, but that wasn’t always the case. As a teenager I worried about whether or not I’d not just ever marry, but ever be ALLOWED to marry because at the time, I didn’t know if my “one” was going to be a man or a woman. When I came of voting age, LGBTQ+ rights was one of the main issues that decided who got my vote, or if I even voted that year.

And as a parent, I’m even more thrilled, because I don’t know if my son will grow up straight, gay, or anything inbetween. This is just one step towards knowing that whatever my child grows up to be, he’ll have the same right everyone else has. He won’t be faced with the uncertainty so many people have faced simply because they love someone that another group of people says they shouldn’t. Maybe my son does grow up straight, but has a friend who isn’t. He won’t have to worry about his friend’s predicament. He won’t have to watch a friend go through the struggle of trying to be seen as equal.

People can threaten to set themselves on fire, they can threaten to move to another country, but the fact of the matter is finally… FINALLY people can marry the one they love. Period. That’s it.

Only, for some people it isn’t that simple.

I’m a former Christian, so I understand the apprehension many have regarding gay marriage from that perspective. Some people just find it disgusting, and that’s their perogative. But for the average person who happens to be Christian, they worry about what the Bible has to say about it, because that’s the book of morals and values they live their lives by. From their perspective, it’s a sin. And I totally understand that. Biology dictates that the species is continued by a man and a woman procreating, which is what a lot of those old tennets are really about. In those days, when those verses were written or meant to take place, the continuation of your family was the single most important legacy a person could leave in the world. To ensure this, the concept was written into the doctrine. And that’s fine.

See, the thing about these United States is that we have the freedom to practice whatever religion we like. It’s one of the founding principles of our country, religious freedom. It’s why those famous pilgrims came over here, after all. But one must understand that just because a law states it CAN happen and is LEGAL, does not mean there is someone standing there with a gun to your head making you violate your religion because of it. You still have the right to say yes or no. The people you say no to don’t have to be happy about it, but you can still say no. The great thing about this law, though, is that same sex marriages can be carried out in the secular courts and in all other systems of belief where to do so won’t violate their beliefs and faith.

This great country of our’s is not a single religion. We are many and varried. And just because Christian pastors, ministers, priests may not perform these marriages, they are also no longer the gatekeepers of marriage. And I think that scares a lot of people. They think that the government will swoop in and force people to choose between their faith and the law. But we as US Citizens have the fundamental right to say yes or no. There are also things called Religious Exemptions, also known as Exemptions of Belief. People use these exemptions for all kinds of reasons, and if you were to go through the proper process, the LEGAL process then where is the problem? The Christian belief of marriage between man and woman can still be held sacred to Christians, their religious practice and ceremony left intact, and the right to marry still applies to everyone under the law.

Now, I understand that allowing religious organizations to go through the process of exemption, which again is perfectly legal for them to do, will make it difficult for same sex couples who want to get married in the church by a Christian pastor/minister/priest, etc. But not all Christians hate the idea. Not all pastors/ministers/priests hate the idea. And there are those out there who marry people regardless, and have been marrying people regardless because they understand that love is love and we are all God’s children in the end.

As for all the other myriad of religions out there in our country, I can’t speak for most of them because hey, I haven’t done more than brief stints to see if they fit me or not. But I know Wiccans and many under the Pagan umbrella have been marrying same sex couples for decades. We’ve called it by other names, but it’s the same concept. In fact, marriage predates Christianity. It was a concept invented by pagans.


This is not me, but this pic I found happens to have glasses, long hair, boobs, and a laptop. All of which I have.

So, if this post happens to reach any Christian pastors/ministers/priests out there, if you are one of those who does feel so strongly against same sex marriage, then please instead of just outright refusing, go through the proper legal process our country has already had in place prior to today’s SCOTUS decision and do the religious exemption paperwork. That way not only can you stand there and say “It’s against my religion” you can also say that you have done things the right and fair way. By having the paperwork to back up your words to show you’re not doing it out of hate and spite, but that it genuinely does place you into a conflict of faith. These exemptions exist for a reason, and have existed prior to this decision. It is possible for both Traditional Marriage and Non-Traditional Marriage to coexist without this country falling into ruin.

Now that I’ve got the initial “OMG YAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY!” and the “Let’s be reasonable religious people” everyone can have this gif I found on Google. Because fuck yeah rainbows are really cool even without all the loads of symbolism people attach to them for so many different societal things! FUCK YEAH NATURAL WATER PRISMS!


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